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F3 MeCa | January 26, 2021

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#Precinct 14 Days of Christmas

  • When: 01/08/19
  • QIC: Skipper
  • The PAX: Pavlov, ManDown, FedEx, Guinness, Wahlburger, Sterling, Skipper

Ahoy! Not out of Christmas spirit yet, 7 pax take on the 14 Days of Christmas beatdown. Similar to lesser, 12-day versions of this workout, and the popular Christmas song these exercises build up from Day 1 and repeat each day as going back down.

Day 1 = Mosey around cell block

Day 2 = 2 x Shoulder Touch Mericans (cadence)

Day 3 = 3 x Cinder Block (CB) Squats (cadence)

Day 4 = 4 x Plank Jacks (cadence)

Day 5 = 5 x Burpees

Day 6 = 6 x CB Curls (cadence)

Day 7 = Bear Crawl half court and back

Day 8 = 8 x CB Overhead Press

Day 9 = 9 x Low Flutter (cadence)

Day 10 = 10 x Apollo Ohnos

Day 11 = 11 x Decline Mericans

Day 12 = Lunge Walk 12 steps

Day 13 = 13 x CB Chest Press (cadence)

Day 14 = 14 x Star Squats

Mistletoe moleskin:

  1. Just barely ran out of time for final round, but able to put the 14 Star Squats at the top of our Christmas tree. #rememberthereasonfortheseason
  2. YHC rolled into the parking lot at 0529 to find a lonely @pavlov (kotter), luckily within the next 5 minutes 5 more men appeared. #idontfeeltardy
  3. The goal was to keep moving and stay warm, but the mild temps took care of the warm part and the workout just made us sweat. #mandowncravescurry
  4. The Gremlin Jan 19th, 0600 start at UNCC. #doit
  5. MECA Winter Gala Jan 26th, 1800 start at 26 Acres Brewery. #doit
  6. Prayers for the new year and for @Brutus and @Landlord who are traveling to Africa next week! #HIMs





  1. Skipper

    Great to see @Pavlov back in the gloom! T-Claps to @Wahlburger for making the early morning trek to #Precinct. #ahoy

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