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F3 MeCa | July 14, 2020

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Back to the Grind

  • When: 01/07/19
  • QIC: Flip Phone
  • The PAX: SS Minnow, Terrible Towel, Habs, Buck, Rerun

6 men made the hard choice this morning and starting their week right.  It’s easy to sleep in, hit the snooze button one more time, or think of at least one excuse why you don’t need to go this time.  We overcame the fart sack and are better for it.

Here’s how it went.


Warm Up

Windmill x 12

Main Event

Run around the track at your 5k pace to the ticket stand where the hand rails are for pull-ups

Glad you guys skipped the Afton cruise for the WhiteLightning cruise.

It was about 1.65 miles by my watch.

@Rerun is very fast!  He left YHC and @SSMinnow in the dust.

Tabata pull-ups at the hand rails with alternating grips.

8 rounds of this is a lot harder to do than it looks in one line of text

Mosey to parking lot next door

Bear Crawl inch worm, Gremlin style

Indian-run-ish with bear crawls instead

Line bear crawls really slowly, while guy in the back bear crawls fast to the front

Everyone fast crawls twice

Plank walk merican routine

Everyone planks within arm reach of other pax

Plank walk from one parking line to the next

One merican, touch the shoulder of the pax to your left, one merican, touch shoulder of pax to your right

Plank walk back to where we started

Repeato 3x

Mosey to Victory Circle

Tabata round of dips

8 rounds, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest

Mosey back to base


Tabata rounds

4 rounds of hip extensions

4 rounds of superman pulses, mixed in rounds of pulses and rounds of holding for the 20 seconds

Crunchy Frog x 20

Eye of the needle stretch

Plank medley

Plank, JLo, Plank jack

Announcements (stolen from @Helga’s KB backblast)

  • Continued prayers for a speedy recovery for @Wexler and @Exit54 for their football injuries during the Mud Bowl
  • Remember to sign up for the Gremlin on 1/19
  • Remember to also RSVP for the Winter Gala on 1/26.
  • Please confirm on Slack if you’re interested in CPR class.  There are 20 spots.  We have about 8 taken.  We will open soon to the rest of MeCa


Great work this morning guys.  Thanks for coming out.

Good to see @Habs back in action.  Glad to have you back out.

@Buck made his first appearance to WhiteLightning this morning.  It’s a huge place, we only hit a small part of it.  Glad to have you out.  Keep coming back.

@SSMinnow and @Rerun were killing it, as usual this morning.  Well done.



  1. SS Minnow

    Good mix of running and strength exercises. I had a suspicion we would not pass the pull up bars on our way around the track.

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