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F3 MeCa | December 4, 2020

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  • When: 01/05/2019
  • QIC: Indiana
  • The PAX: Spud, El Al, Private Ryan, Frostbite, Popeye, Hops, Psycho T, Goonie, FireChicken, Trick Daddy, Luthor, Catfish, Total Package, Indiana

See above link for ROUTE.

14 PAX. Nay rain nor cloud nor thunder..Just blue sky sunshines.

Mosey to Brain Surgeons R US parking lot

Warm Up

Broga- Deep hammy stretches with heavy breathing.

Cotton Pickers bc they are just so good

Plank with some mubbling about what happened to the running by PAX with weak shoulders and weak tits..ppsssssssssssss

10 Peter Parkers

THANG; Slow mosey with pain stations, at each station repeat previous exercises and add a new one. 10 reps each

Mosey to Beverely Hills PG.

Pain Station 1

10 Peter Parkers

Mosey up to Uwharrie Bank Parking Lot; Catfish led on about not wanting to own bank to throw us off his plans for world domination..We aint no foos..Oh he want it aright..was seen casing the place after beatdown.

Pain Station 2

10 Peter Parkers

10 ISTs IC

Mosey down Church to Graveyards to pay respects; audible called because grave diggers not opened yet…kept running to old Mill of Section 8 housing and good meth

Pain Station 3

10 PP

10 ISTs IC

10 Alt Leg V ups IC

Mosey around Mill of House of Meth towards Buffalo end behind Concord Tribune Bldg.

Pain Station 4

10 PP

10 ISTs IC

10 Alt Leg V Ups IC

10 Star Jumps

Mosey from Concords version of NY Times Bldg down Church, around closed graveyard due to high as balls grave diggers that overslept, up to house of Asian Massage with Happy Endings for all.

Pain Station 5

10 PP

10 ISTs IC

10 Alt Leg V Ups IC

10 Star Jumps

10 CDD

Mosey back to AO down Wil Mar, past chicken house, Church St, and Down Lake Concord etc with lame ass sprint about half way down Wil Mar that was won easily by Catfish beating FC by like 10 yards.

Arrive back at AO at 802 AM


Proceed to:

COT, Namorama.


Total Mileage was 5.3 miles. Q was caboose entire time fighting abdominal pain from potential code brown. A healthy happy 2 lber was birthed at Star Bucks post mosey with no casualties. Thank the Lord for a good sphincter muscle. Really enjoyed the company this AM.  Remember that life is a marathon. Not a sprint. It grinds on some days and flows like music on others.  There are no bad diseases or days..Just bad attitudes or attitudes that cannot adapt. I thank you all for your leadership, support of me, and especially support of Concord F3 over these many years (going on our 6th). I am helping Q the Gremlin on JAN 19 and I want to personally challenge each of you to join me that day. Lets POST to honor the memory of a good man.







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