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F3 MeCa | May 26, 2020

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Roll of the Dice

  • When: 01/05/19
  • QIC: Shooter
  • The PAX: Amway, Guinness, Yellow Cake, Habs, Extractor, Chachi, Joe (FNG), Shooter

8 pax came out to Dorton Park on a sunny Saturday morning for a roll of the dice.  We had an FNG with some respect join us today.  YHC learned a new routine from our friends at The Precent during the Passport Challenge and wanted to bring it up to the ‘Ca’ part of MeCa.  First up was the disclaimer and then we’re off…


Short mosey down the path and back to the parking lot:

  • SSHs (15 IC), Hillbillies (10 IC), Martial arts side kicks (10 each leg OYO), Cotton Pickers (10 IC)

The Thang

A short walk over to YHCs vehicle to pick up the coupons (concrete blocks) and the sack of unknown goodies.  We mosey’d to the tennis courts for our base of operations and circled up.

YHC opened up the bag and dumped out four wooden blocks/dice, with an action to be completed on each roll. The pax rolled all four dice and we performed each of the actions.  Some dice had the bonus, “with block” add-on.  In total, we completed 9 rolls, 36 activities.  The breakdown of the dice activities were:

  • The Merikin dice:  Regular Merks on two sides, Tempo Merks, Mountain Climbers+Merk, Peter Parkers, Shoulder Tap Merks
  • The ‘mostly’ on your six dice: LBCs, WWIIs, Freddie Mercuries, American Hammer/Russian Twist, Monkey Hummers, and the wildcard F3 dice where the pax that rolls it, picks our poison.  Habs rolled that and we got, One Minute Abs with Habs
  • The mixed dice:  Mountain Climbers, Smurf Jacks, Jump Squats, Shoulder Press, Burpees and the J-Los that seemed to get rolled over and over and over
  • The mosey dice: Run lap w/block, Indian Run, Quadraphelia, Run 3 laps, Carioca, and the Bear Crawl, which wasn’t rolled.

A couple of modifications on the dice may be needed, but this looks like it may be a part of YHCs Q tool belt on future Qs.


  • Dying cockroaches (10 IC), followed by a few stretching exercises and that’s a wrap.

Prayers / Announcements

  • Praying for Guinness’ sister-in-law Kathy and her breathing challenges
  • Talked about the upcoming Gremlin (1/19) and Winter Event at 26 Acres (1/26)

A reminder to all men as we approach the Gremlin.  You know your body, if you feel those warning signs or something isn’t right, get it checked out before it’s too late.

It’s an honor to lead this fine group of men!   We’ll #SYITG next week!



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