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F3 MeCa | June 4, 2020

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Hunchback Speed

  • When: 01/04/18
  • QIC: Pavarotti
  • The PAX: Pavarotti (WB), Disaster (WD)

2 Speedsters headed out in the rainy gloom for a post-European workout. #bigbenparliament

The Thang:
=>Warm up mosey around parking lot looking for a dry, unused portico

Portico Sprints

  • To first post and back x10
  • To second post and back x8
  • Repeato down portico at various distances for x6, x4, x2

=>Mosey to get Disaster’s gloves and then onto Parkway to HCE entrance

Strava Segment #1 – HCE entrance to Ridge Road

Strava Segment #2 – 400M on track

Reverse direction back to HCE entrance to finish

=>Mosey back to start for some stretching

COT (colon of trust as in punctuation mark….you know I had to specify that with you people)




  1. It was great to be back at Speed after a 3 week hiatus! That’s why the name of the BB is “Hunchback” since I got to see Notre Dame Cathedral and I had to slouch over and rest after each exercise.
  2. Apparently, Stoli is still on hiatus.
  3. Great second F today. Thx for showing up Disaster!
  4. Regular beat down on Saturday at Mallard Creek Park and a Ruck launch @ 5:30a at BaristaCraft.
  5. Have a great weekend! Say “hi” to a neighbor you’ve never met.


  1. Disaster

    Great job @Pavarotti. It’s nice getting back to a regular F3 schedule again even in the rain. Are you going to post our strava times or were they too pathetic?

    • Pavarotti

      @Disaster – not even close. We did get the second best time for the year on Street Ave……however, it’s January 4th.

  2. Disaster

    Hopefully we at least beat the ruckers.

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