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F3 MeCa | June 20, 2019

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Climbing Ladders

7 kannon pax were joined by Othello from Mint Hill AO on yet another dreary Friday morning to climb ladders today…’s how it went.

Mosey to 2nd level of deck for 25 SSH’s IC, 15 Hillbillies IC, 25 Mtn Climbers IC, & arm circles…mosey back down to level 1

10:1 ladders working our way up parking deck
Round 1: 1 V-Up at bottom run up first ramp, 10 merkins, back down 2 V-ups and back up for 9 merkins….plank when done w/ 1 merkin & 10 V-ups
Round 2: 1 merkin (completed at top of first ramp) run up second ramp for 10 Core killers, back down 2 merkins and back up for 9 core killers and plank when done like round 1
Round 3: 10 core killers up ramp for 1 star jump…same as before
Round 4…speed round..moseyed back to top of first ramp…5 air squats and run halfway down first ramp and complete 1 WWII w/body facing up ramp…rinse and repeat until on 1 air squat and 5 WWII’s.

Mary…no time and we did a ton of core work

Prayers/Announcements: Momentum for Gremlin CSAUP continuing to build as we’re expecting upwards of 150 men and pray that it all goes well and continue to lift up Gremlin’s family.  Loafter has the Q for tomorrow.

Moleskin: Another mild but of course rainy friday…always nice to have a visitor and even better when he gets introduced to a new exercise…the core killer, which I have no doubt will make a debut to mint hill sometime soon.  It was amazing that QIC’s watch was on 0.0 miles after 45 min. so I kept the friday promise of a mile or less running so that was nice…QIC had to step up as the planned “QIC” was going to be arriving very late….well after midnight from work and was probably not gonna make it so I hope workout was a good one and it seemed to be as it was thrown together late last night.  A few hit up coffeeteria while others had to get to work or help get the kids off to school.  G-Vegas rang the bell for the first time in the New Year and will be a new man from what he’s telling me!

Always an honor,

Fire Chicken

Fire Chicken

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