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F3 MeCa | June 3, 2020

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Fitness Friday!

  • When: 12/28/18
  • QIC: Sir Topham
  • The PAX: Backdraft, FireChicken, Gooney, Grandmaster, Hops, Loafer and Rooster

8 men crawled out of their nice warm and hopefully dry beds to join a fun beat down in the deck to test their fitness level on a timed workout!  They showed up all joyous not knowing what I had planned.

25 SSH’s IC

25 Mtn Climbers IC

Arm circles forward/reverse  (because we needed to get those arms warmed up!)

15 Cotton Pickers

Because of the rain we met in the parking deck and stayed there for the THANG:

Timed workout – 15 minutes without a break.

Begin with 1 Peter Parker (modify to merkin if/when needed), 1 Core Killer, 1 Star jump and 1 downward dog pushup. (Count up on each round through 15 minutes)

After 15 minutes we rested for 1 minute and discussed how we did.  (Most men reached 9-12 on count – great job!)

Last 15 minutes we counted back down from the number we reached back to 1.

Mary: for our finish we ran flight of stairs up and jogged back down to level 1 then back upstairs to level two and jogged back down to level 1.  Repeat up to level 5.

Prayers: Sir Tophams Foster boys -(Emmanuel (19) and Lawrence (17) – their mom is homeless now and they all got evicted so Lawrence is now living with us again, Loafers dad (knee issues) and mom as they decide how to help take care of one another.

Moleskin…Several men showed up and a lot of chatter was happening at the beginning.  A lot of talking to start us off but by 3 minutes in I didn’t hear talking….7 minutes in we heard grunting and complaining.  No pain, no gain. A hard work out today with a possible shart that a few guys freaking out.

Always an honor,


Fire Chicken

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