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F3 MeCa | May 29, 2020

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Crazy Eights!!!!!!!!

  • When: 12/27/18
  • QIC: Boucher
  • The PAX: 2nd Base, FNG "John", Manwich, Finkle, Project, Heatstroke, FNG "David", Boucher

8 Crazies came out for a Thursday morning beatdown in the gloom.  Bobby Boucher supplying the exploration of the Exicon as PAX completed a lap around the school.


Disclaimer–the waterboy is not liable…


Mosey to front entrance with some old school football warm-ups along the way (high knees, butt kicks, and high knee carioca both ways).

  • 8 Side Straddle Hops
  • 8 Hillbillies
  • 8 Cotton Pickers
  • 8 Imperial Storm Troopers
  • Called an “Audible” to add 30 4-count Red Bull Smurf Jacks
    • PAX seemed to really enjoy the spike in heart rate for these fast-paced little guys

Mosey to back of school near swing set–repeato football exercises along the way.

The Thang–part 1

  • 8 Swerkins while partner does Dips on the benches (3 sets)

Mosey to BBall court (one partner grabs a cinder block)

The Thang–part 2

  • Lunge across court + 8 air squats + Backward Lunges back while partner does “millions” of beachbody curls. (3 sets)
    • Nice lady arrives and asks how long we’re going to be doing this because a parent meeting is about to commence in the cafeteria.  She then informs us that the school premises are “actually closed from 6pm to 6am.”  PAX respectfully inform her F3 has been meeting here for 5 years.  Nice lady recants.  World War F3 avoided.
  • 1 partner returns block to unspecified location while other partner sits in the people’s chair–I believe Heatstroke added some kicks to pass the time.
  • Mosey to Front of School

The Thang–part 3

QIC attempts to familiarize PAX with rare exercises found in Exicon from A to Z

  • Partner 1–“Ascending Testicles”–8 wall merkins at 20 degrees, 8 merkins at 45 degrees, and an 8 count hold at Balls the the Wall height.
  • Partner 2–“Zebra Buttkicks” until partner 1 finishes
    • Rotate, complete 3 sets

Lots of mumble chatter about sore shoulders and lactic acid build-up but we made it through 3 sets.

Mosey Back to Front Parking Lot for Mary


Captain Thor got cut in half as lower back fatigue took over the QIC–only made it up to 5 big boys and 20 russian twists. We “modified as necessary” and finished out with…

  • 8 Side Hillbillies (flapjack)
  • 8 Rosalita Wips

Recover Recover

Announcements & Prayer Requests

  • Gremlin & Winter Party @ 26 Acres on consecutive Satrudays in January–PAX urged to sign up for both.
  • FNG David, who helped his wife deliver their child at home, became officially dubbed as “Midwife” despite some latecomer suggestions such as “placenta” “waterbreak” and “doula.” @Midwife it is!
  • Prayers for Manwich’s dog who had sustained a pretty serious back injury
  • Prayers for those battling cancer, esp Heatstroke’s dad and Callender’s mom.
  • Prayers for first-responders and all those in the military serving our country all over the world, especially those who spent Christmas away from family.

Grateful to be out with a solid group of guys including my dad @2nd Base and my big brother “FNG John.”  John said he got a kick out of all the crazy lingo…wishes there was a group close to him in Indianapolis.  Hopefully we’ll get him moved back to NC soon enough…

Merry Christmas fellas and Happy New Year!  Let’s make 2019 the best ever…

~”Boucher” aka Brandon Berry



  1. Jimmy Buffett

    F3 is on the northeast side of Indy, 126th Street and Hazel Dell between Carmel and Fishers and near 91st Street and Allisonville Road in Castleton. Give those addresses to your brother, if he lives north, he’ll know the areas. Easiest city ever to navigate. Been trying to convince some old college friends in that area to join for a long time.

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