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F3 MeCa | June 1, 2020

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Day 3: Stay Focused

  • When: 12/26/18
  • QIC: Exit 54
  • The PAX: SS Minnow, Wexler, Banjo Boy, Exit 54

Day 3 of Exit’s Iron Q Week continued with two other PAX at Road Warrior, and we were joined by a third before we finished…


  • Head East on Main, left on Kee
  • Right on Town Center, right on Carl Palmer, head out of the Town Center
  • Right on 49, cross over Roberta and take a left
  • Run down Harrisburg Veterans, left on Stallings
  • Take a left at the Stallings Park entrance, head take the footpath to the Elementary School
  • Turn around when we run into a gate keeping us off the footpath
  • Try the side road entrance to the school, veer left when we encounter another gate blocking us from the school, we’re now running down a private road and I can’t recall it’s name (allegedly @Banjo’s grandmother lives down there
  • Continue down the road, past the yapping dog and it’s incredulous owner, keep going til road ends
  • We spot tire tracks continuing beyond the road, follow these because surely they lead to another paved surface
  • Tire tracks end, nothing ahead but the railroad tracks
  • Climb onto the tracks and head east
  • Run carefully down the tracks, checking behind us for oncoming trains once every 2 to 3 seconds
  • Finally reach Shamrock, head east for a mile or so, turn around and head home
  • Encounter @Banjo Boy as we’re re-entering the Town Center, lament the fact he wasn’t there to keep us from getting lost in his grandmother’s neighborhood
  • Run all the way around the outside lane of the Town Center, left on Main, finish back at the launch point – 5.38 MILES.


  • The Gremlin is 1/19 at the University.  Sign-up ASAP, preblast here.
  • MECA Winter Party is 1/26, preblast here.


Glad to have @SS Minnow and @Wexler with me for this one, it was not your typical Road Warrior.  YHC didn’t have a route in mind, but opted to visit the School track off the cuff.  When that option was blocked off, a chain of events began which led to the three of us running down the train tracks.  While I’d never recommend anyone try this on their own, it’s always exciting to get ‘fearless and dumb’.

The third rule from The Six Rules of Success: Stay Focused.  Previous discussion points hit on choosing your priorities and managing your resources wisely.  Doing those things gives you the base you need for success, but your ability to focus will have a huge impact on how successfully you can execute.  From what I’ve read of people who have achieved things that truly change the world – they aren’t necessarily excellent or even above average in every aspect of their lives.  But when it comes to whatever area they’ve chosen to prioritize, their level of focus and drive is unmatched.  Now’s as good a time as any to assess your own ability to focus on the things you deem important – be it at your job, at home, at church, at F3 workouts, or wherever else.  Are you patient and disciplined enough that you’re truly giving your best, or do you find yourself distracted and checked out with things that are a detriment?

‘Til tomorrow – I have a feeling we’ll have a glut of PAX seeking a post-Christmas burn.

/Exit 54


  • On December 26, 2018


  1. Fun one today, guys. No one will ever accuse us of being too smart for our own good, but definitely fun.

  2. Great run! Was a little nervous with the barking dogs, ‘keep out, private property” signs, uneven terrain, and chance of a train barreling down on us but always great to find a new course! Although I’m not sure what we would have done if a train actually came. Wasn’t a ton of room around those tracks…

  3. BanjoBoy

    Definitely Grandmother’s driveway. She’s country and y’all must have been moving fast enough to be gone before the shotgun made an appearance. Of course it might have brought back memories of guys hoboin’ the freight trains and you might have got a bowl of grits instead. Either way was likely.

    I’m glad I found y’all even if it was for the last mile.

  4. SS Minnow

    Way to mix it up, Exit54. Quite the adventurous route. Aye!

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