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F3 MeCa | May 30, 2020

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Return of the Grandmaster

  • When: 12/14/18
  • QIC: Grandmaster
  • The PAX: Fire chicken, Hurdle, Chicken Strip, Rooster, Sir Tophem, Gunny, Gooney, Catfish

Eight familiar faces and a transfer pax posted in the cold wet gloom to see if this hamstring was good to go. After waking up on time, even without the help of FireChicken, YHC arrived at the parking deck and began stretching for about 10 mins prior to the beat down. Eventually others decided to get out of their cars and join the fun. 

WARMORAMA: Modified Indian Run with a foam di thrown over the shoulder from the front of the line to the next pax. If a pax doesn’t catch the di he has to chase after it, do two Merkins while picking it up, then proceed to the front of the line which had continued up the ramps. This went as intended and we found out that Gooney and ChickeStrip will not be playing wide receiver anytime soon, not even for the Tarholes.  Turned down the stairs at level 5b and back to the bottom. 

SSHs x25; Cotton Pickers x 10; ISTs x10


The Q produced another di and a Weinkie with numbers 2 through 12 and corresponding exercises:

2 Burpees 

3 Peter Parkers 



6 Lunges

7 Freddie Mercs

8 Merkins

9 RBCs

10 High Knees

11 Jack Webbs 

12 Crunchy Frogs

One pax roles the dice to determine the exercise then runs up the ramps to level 2a and down the stairs while everyone else performs the exercise AMRAP. 

We completed three rounds with LOTS of ab work and a few numbers modified along the way. Lots of mubblechatter this morning as we were mostly together the entire time. 

MARY: Plank roll and some broga

COT: Prayers for two pax from other AOs who recently lost their fathers (sorry the names escape me now), SirTopem’s M, TheBurg fighting a mysterious abdominal pain, and the upcoming Gremlin. 

MOLESKIN: I can’t believe how much I have missed working out with everyone the past two weeks. It has felt like 2 months. You guys are truly inspiring (even Backdraft) and thank the LORD for getting me involved with you. Thankfully the hamstring held up with only a bit of soreness when I tried to push it on the last timer run.  Backed off the speed and was fine. As always it was an honor to lead. 

In HIS Service,



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