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F3 MeCa | January 26, 2021

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Ice Breaker!

  • When: 12/11/18
  • QIC: Buffalo Bill
  • The PAX: Hugo, Grinder, Greek, Poutine, Gordo, #1, Powerball

8 men braved the black ice in an effort to get stronger. Due to icy conditions, we headed over to the covered area for the entire workout. Here’s how it went down.


·         15 x SSH

·         15 x IST

·         15 x Cotton Picker

·        Arm circles (small circles 10 count, big circles 10 count)


Partner 1 does the following exercises, switcheroo with Partner 2 until 10 sets completed (5 sets each Partner)

·         5 x Burpees (25 total per partner)

·         10 x Donkey Kicks (50 total per partner)

·         15 x Merkins (75 total per partner)

·         20 x Plank Jacks (100 total per partner)

·         25 x LBCs (125 total per partner)

·        30 x SSH (150 total per partner)

Partners perform the following exercises in between sets:

1.       20 x Squats

2.       20 x Lunges

3.       20 x Low Dolly

4.       20 x Apollo Ono

5.      20 x Calf Raises

Then we lined up and P1 did Al Gore while P2 did quadraphelia to the end of the covered section, then sprinted to the other end, quadraphelia back and then sprint back to the beginning. Switcheroo, repeato 5 times.


·         15 x Freddy Mercury

·         15 x The W

·         15 x Mason Twist

·        15 x Pretzel Crunch (each side)

·        15 x Low Flutter


Jan 19th is the Gremlin workout

Jan 26th is the MECA Winter Gala


  1. Upon arriving in the parking lot, there was a bobcat plowing snow and scraping up ice. I thought for a moment…should I be here right now, is he going to ask me to move my car and leave?
  2. Once the PAX rolled in, we outnumbered him so I knew we were good to go!
  3. Tough to keep the PAX confined to the small covered (only ice free space) for 45 minutes, but we pulled it off.
  4. Greek provided us with a questionable Spanish counting lesson during the Mason Twist (aka Mexican Twist)
  5. Great to see #1 back in the gloom, welcome back brother!

Buffalo Bill


  1. So, unbeknownst to me, CMS actually made the decision at 9:30 PM to close about 55 schools, mostly in the northern part of the county. Highland Creek Elementary and Ridge Road MS were two of them. Which was clearly the smart move, since the only treacherous part of my commute this AM was the AO itself.

    Great picture evidence @BuffaloBill. The 45 minutes went really fast today, too. Must have been the mubblechatter.

    Iron Sharpens Iron

  2. Grinder

    Great job adapting the workout to the conditions and keeping the PAX safe!

    It always a pleasure to be with the Highlands crew.

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