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F3 MeCa | December 5, 2019

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A Slower White Lightning

  • When: 12/10/18
  • QIC: Clueless
  • The PAX: Spauldini, FlipPhone, Gamma, ReRun, Clueless

5 Faithful for the weekly DRP of #WhiteLightning. If it weren’t such a slushfest, this would have been the inaugural WhiteLightning Luge Championship. A much slower Plan P/B was enacted… hello Polar Bear!

  Warm-o-rama – WatchYourStep to the WindTunnel, SSH x15, Windmill x10, Step-back lunge x10, arm circles.Thang:


  • Polar Bear –  Bear crawl to a point, 10 Burpees, 30 Air Squats, 20 Mericans – Repeato x6/7
  • Side squat walks side to side, stopping for 20 Mtn Climbers each trip – Repeato x6
  • Lunge walk side to side, stop of 20 WWII’s – Repeato x6
  • Duck walk side to side, stop for 10 Alt Opposite Toe Touches
  • Finish up w/ Supermans, Cat/Cow, Downward Dog

COT – Water at 211 degrees is simply hot water, at 212 degrees water boils and creates steam that can power a locomotive. Strive for an “extra degree” and support others in doing the same.


  1. Thanks for the opportunity to lead! If it weren’t for the #Accountability out there this morning, this could have turned into an earlier morning coffee.
  2. @Spauldini and @Gapper are apparently sharing shopping tips on the side. #NiceKicks
  3. @ReRun has one speed setting… #100MPH. Although, there was some #MumbleChatter leaking out this morning… and this is after only running “half” of a race Saturday.
  4. @FlipPhone was strong and steady as usual (also a “half” guy this weekend)… here’s one that will assist you in adding an “extra degree”
  5. Happy Birthday @Gamma! While others may feel they’re obligated to #FartSack on their annual day of aging, @Gamma rolled out to post and mock this mild southern weather sporting his usual shorts (@ReRun gets shorts honorable mention too). Thanks for continuously leading and challenging others!

Enjoyed it fellas. Keep pushing! Clueless

  • Orphanage Christmas this Sunday
  • The Gremlin preblast is out. Give it a look.
  • Look for the MeCa celebration in Jan
  • DawgHouse family friendly outing this Weds night


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