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F3 MeCa | May 28, 2020

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Getting it in before Old Man winter shows up!

  • When: 12/07/18
  • QIC: Dirty Martini
  • The PAX: Dirty Martini, Grinder, Sparky, Thickburger

It was a brisk cold morning in the hills of Skybrook.  4 brave souls showed for a pre-wintery mix beatdown.  Let’s jump into it.  We acknowledge National Pearl Harbor day and honored those lives that were lost.  The disclaimer and we were off.

Mosey around the parking lot.  High knees, curb steps, SSHs x24, Arm circles 24, Cotton Pickers x 24

The Thang:

The first round was 10 muscle ups, 10 wall squats with air presses and 10 Carolina dry docks.  Repeat and rinse.  Mosey to the bottom of the hill for a brutal set of decline merkins and dips 24 each and repeats.  We took up the challenge of doing a ladder with LBCs and burpees.

The four corners of pain.  The first corner 24 air squats, jog to the next corner for 24 Monkey jumpers, 24 Star Jumps and 24 criss/cross pick ups.  Next up in the rotation was 24 merkins, hand release merkins, diamond merkins and wide merkins.

Pair up.  Timer runs while the partner does burpees, mountain climbers, navy seal JJ, Peter Parker merkins


12 pretzel crunch, 12 low dolly

1.  I appreciate everyone coming out this morning and pushing through the pain.

2. It was great having Thick burger join us this morning.  Lots of mumble chatter!

3. Several prayer request passed on for all Kool Aid and thick burger’s aunt.

4. Grinder reminded everyone about the MeCa Gala coming up next month.  Don’t forget about Gremlin coming us as well.

It is always an honor to lead the PAX.  Be blessed.


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