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F3 MeCa | May 21, 2019

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8 Crazy nights, or something like that…..

  • When: 12/05/18
  • QIC: @Uecker
  • The PAX: @Yellowcake, @Dialup, @5G, @Talladega, @Rerun, @Turbine, @Spauldini, @Buck, @Beattlejuice, @Pharoah, @Torch, @Habs, @FNG_Brad, @Uecker

– Disclaimer – We are a peer-led, zero-cost non-profit work out group, we are not professionals and do not claim to be. Preform each exercise safely and modify as needed. By participating in an F3 workout, you assume all the risk associated with doing so.

– Mosey to the lighted area, ANNNND there he is @Torch pulling in late.  Oy Vey!

– 25th Day of the Kislav (Jewish Month name) is Hanukkah!

– Warm Up – * 8 Excersies for the 8 Crazy Nights!
o 1 Side straddle hop x 25
o 2 Merkins x 25 (50) in Cadence
o 3 WW2’s x 25
o 4 Crop Pickers x 25
o 5 Hillbillies x 25
o 6 Windmillsx 25
o 7 Squats x 25
o 8 Mountain Climbers x 25
-Mosey to close parking lot
– The Thang
o 8 Exercises
 5 Burpees
 10 Merkins
 15 WW2’s
 20 SSH
 25 Squats
 30 Monkey Humpers
 35 Mountain Climbers
 Run to the steps at the stadium and back.
o After each lap, take the last exercise off of the list, we finish when only Burpees and then a lap.
– If you finished the work out you did
o 35 Burpees
o 60 Merkins
o 75 WW2’s
o 80 SSH’s
o 75 Squats
o 60 Monkey Humpers
o 35 Mountain Climbers
o 3 Miles running?
– Mosey back to Mary
 Squirm x 25
 Dubyas x 25
 Box Cutters x 25
Prayer Requests – Habs’ Dad, continues to recover.
Announcements – Drinks at 26 acres tonight, and Dawghouse get together on the 12th at Cabarrus Brewery. BeatleJuice will have shirts from the last shirt order on Friday, so we know there will be a HUGE turnout on Fridays beatdown! Who’s taking the lead????

Hanukah Wisdom – Chanukiahs have 9 branches because one is the “leader candle, which is used to light all the other candles, and I hope I lit you up this morning!

Pretty Much every Jewish holiday can be summed up with these nine words: They tried to kill us, we survived, lets eat. True story.
In a world full of darkness, Hanukkah reminds us to try again, every year, to remember that miracles still happen. We just need to strike that match and let one small candle light the way.

Moleskin- Each lead I try to make the workouts a little harder in an attempt to get better and make sure everyone is challenged. @Rerun was leading the pack today and finished the set! Great to see @Habs back at it, I almost did 1 minute abs for him, but will save that for another day! @Buck always claims he isn’t a runner, but man he was booking it today, I made sure to wear my highlighter shirt today so @Turbine would see me. Not sure what work out @5G was doing today, but he looked like he was having fun. Great to see @Dialup out there with a ton of no quit! You know it was a great work out when @Talladega and @Spauldini are having a tough time! @BeatleJuice said something about how the run wasn’t far enough, but @Pharoah and @Yellowcake were moving through it fast! Great to see a new face at the Dawg House, welcome @FNG_Brad! I am glad you were able to make it out, although I think he is having second thoughts about why he let me talk him into this?

Scottie Altschuler

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