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F3 MeCa | May 27, 2020

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The Precinct Passport completion taper Q

  • When: 12/4/18
  • QIC: Heatstroke
  • The PAX: Titan, Brutus, Hot Wheels, Bundy, Fedex, ONJ, Osceola, Field of Dreams, Skipper, Little Buddy, Man Down, The Farm, Heatstroke

YHC had signed up weeks ago to Q The Precinct as his final passport stamp for the passport challenge, then The Precinct and Tradition decided to cuddle up for the winter complicating things.  Fedex decided that the week before leaving the country for a while that he wanted ALL the leadership opportunities.  After some intense negotiations, threats of blackmail, extortion, etc. YHC was able to come away with today’s Q (or I just asked and Fedex said sure.)  It also happens to be the week of the Huntersville Half Marathon, which YHC will be participating (1st half.)  So no unnecessary stress on the legs today.  Apparently, Brutus and The Farm believe you should taper the WHOLE body for running events, but that memo was received too late, but at least it was to be a pretty easy going upper body beatdown…but we are getting ahead of ourselves here.  Maybe 8-9 pax present at 0530, disclaimer given and off we mosey and back to intake (I believe this is the name for where the Precinct pax initially gather for their beatdowns as Hot Wheels uses it all the time, not sure if it has meaning, but it sure sounds cool) for…

Warmarama: The parking lot continues to swell with cars and 4-5 more pax arrive – total 14

  • SSH
  • Merkin
  • Crab Jacks
  • WM
  • CP

The Thang;  Upper Body beatdown time – pearls on a string style

  • Gun Range (correct terminology?) – partner up – 11s (10-1, 9-2, 8-3, etc rep scheme) inverted rows with partner holding legs then partner derkins – looked easy for the pax
  • Mosey to tennis courts – retrieve tires and blocks – circle up for more 11s block curls and block OH tri extensions – in cadence – which Man Down astutely observed means double the reps – more easy for the pax
  • YHC tries to count people off into something that makes sense and fails miserably, let’s just flip some tires and do work until tire flippers get back.  Do work until everybody has had the pleasure of flipping tires to the net and back.  Exercises included block manmakers, block swings and block OH presses – again, easy
  • Put away all the coupons and head to the wall as time is starting to dwindle on this breezy beatdown.  10 muscle ups on wall and 10 ball climbers IC (balls to the wall mountain climbers) back to wall for 10 more muscle ups and then only 5 ball climbers IC – ball climbers appeared to be too easy for the pax.
  • Then mosey back to intake (it’s fun to say intake) for…

Mary: Some Homer to Marge with low flutters, rosalita, and low dollies all part of the mix.  YHC thought lying in a decline position made things harder, but Man Down correctly points out that the opposite is true.  More easy, fitting.

COT: Prayers for John Riley (not sure I have the name correct) who is a neighbor in the Wellington Community battling cancer.  Prayers for my father as well who continues to do the same.  MeCa regional happy hour at 26 Acres tomorrow about 7:30pm

Moleskin: Thanks for the solid turnout and hospitality, fun group.  Solid work put in by everyone out there as maybe this wasn’t exactly a super easy beatdown. Great to see a hate, hate, hate 2.0 out in the gloom, nice job Little Buddy.  Try to be there for ole Skipper after the Tigers manhandle the Irish like we were manhandling those blocks today…Osceola had to deal with that just a while ago (59-10)…is Hot Wheels a Noles fan too?  Not sure.  Enough trolling.  Passport challenge complete.  That challenge has been a great way to meet a whole slew of MeCa pax I wouldn’t have normally met.  I highly recommend occasionally posting outside your home AO, and even Q, if possible.  You won’t ever regret meeting great brothers like the ones out there with me this morning.  Be good.




  1. Heatstroke

    Intake – still neat

  2. Skipper

    Nice beat down, @Heatstroke! Good luck on your run this weekend. As for the Tigers, I’m a fan, but not when playing Notre Dame. There’s always next year for Clemp-son. #goirish #ahoy

    • Heatstroke

      Thanks for the well wishes @skipper! Ah yes, the age old question: Clemp-son or Clem-zon, hmmm….

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