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F3 MeCa | June 3, 2020

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Tracking the Infiltrators

  • When: 12/1/18
  • QIC: Deuce
  • The PAX: Big Tuna, G-Train, Othello, Quarter Back, Deuce, and the Infiltrators.

0659- Intelligence was received from a reliable source that some rogue F3 pax had infiltrated the Mineshaft and were making plans to torture other pax in a future operation.

0700- Five Mineshaft faithful set out to track down the infiltrators.


Mosey around the parking lot.

  • SSH x10
  • Windmill x10
  • SSH x10
  • Cotton Picker x10
  • SSH x10
  • Merkin x10
  • SSH x10
  • Mountain Climber x10

The Thang

Mosey to the west deck and down the stairs.

Mosey to the top or the stairs, then down all the parking decks. Somewhere in there we did:

  • Merkin x10
  • Plank
  • Diamond Merkin x10

At the other stairs, mosey up the stairs, stopping at each level for 10 Air Squats.

Mosey to the Alumni shelter, stopping along the way for Dips x20.

At the Alumni Shelter:

  • 20 Situps OYO
  • 20 Merkins OYO
  • Repeato x3

Mosey through the dorm courtyards, stopping at the quad to work our quads with the Lunge Walk, then Double Tap Stair Climb.

Mosey to the North Deck.

Big Tuna spots some loose bricks along the way, but YHC opts for the big pavers right next to the bricks.

Carry Pavers overhead to the Stairway to Heaven.

Mosey up the Stairway to Heaven, stopping at each deck for 10 Paver Curls.

We catch a glimpse of the infiltrators, then they disappear.

Carry Pavers overhead to the Mineshaft. Mosey down the Mineshaft, stopping at each deck for Paver Presses.

We catch a glimpse of the infiltrators again, but then they disappear once more.

Leave pavers at the base of the Stairway to Heaven then mosey to the top deck.

Here we find the infiltrators Crab walking down the ramp. It looks like fun so we join them.

We also squeeze in 20 Sit Ups, then head back to start, returning the pavers on the way.


  1. Good work out there guys.  We ran three miles on top of all the exercises!
  2. It was nice to see some of The Gremlin planners out there figuring out how they are going to torture all of us on January 19th.
  3. Big Tuna has the Q next Saturday.  It will be his first one at the Mineshaft.  I wonder what kind of misery he will bring.



  • On December 1, 2018

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