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F3 MeCa | June 4, 2020

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Fast men run farther

  • When: 11/17/18
  • QIC: Gordo
  • The PAX: Disaster, Amway, Brinkley, Sully, ONJ, Chicken Coop, Obo, KleanUp, Murdock, Alcatraz, Sandman, Spectrum, Dirty Martini, Stretchy, Drop Cloth, Gordo

16 of MECA’s PAX were able to get out of the fart sack for a beatdown at #LastCall located at Mallard Creek Community Park.  After a rainy week, it might have been just their first or second workout of the week.  The Q prayed that the football field was open and it was.  We gathered as PAX from the surrounding AOs arrived.  A disclaimer was announced and we had a #Passport participant as part of the PAX in this morning’s worked out.

Warmorama In Cadence:

  • SSH X 20
  • IST x 20
  • Mountain Climbers x 20
  • Squats x 20
  • Merkins x 20

The Thang:

Mosey to football field and snake up and down the the bleacher stairs. Plank at the track to wait for the Six.

Mosey to the middle of the football field to do Four Corners.  Divide into 4 groups.  Each group runs to a corner of the football field to do the following exercises as a group:

  • 20 Merkins
  • 30 Squats
  • 40 LBCs
  • Run back to the middle of the field and run back to the next corner going clockwise
  • Each group does all four corners

In the middle of the field PAX does 15 SSH In Cadance.  The PAX lines up in the middle of the field facing the bleachers.  Lunge walk to the side line.

PAX lines up and does Indian Run going around the entire football field.  PAX stops and lines up at the goal line of the end zone.

  • 10 Squats in Cadence
  • PAX lines up and races to the goal line at the opposite side of the football field.  PAX takes notice of who came in first, second, etc…
  • First 5 men that cross the goal line will be in Group 1.  Second group of Pax to cross the line are in group 2, and so on.

Group Sprints (“Fastest Men Run Farther”). Each group will do 5 sprints starting from laying positioning on the field.  Starting position will be determine by that group’s leader and will do the count down for the sprint.  The group’s leader will be rotated for each sprint.

  • Group 1 will run ONE HUNDRED (100) Yards
  • Group 2 will run FIFTY (50) Yards
  • Group 3 will run FORTY (40) Yards

After PAX completes the group sprints the pax Mosey’s to the selected goal line.  Pax does 10 Squats In Cadence.  Pax lines up for a final 100 yard sprint.

Mosey out of the football field.  Start lunge walks in the side walk between tennis courts and football field to the parking lot.  Mosey to the wall:

  • People’s Chair with Air Presses IC
  • BTW – IC
  • People’s Chair
  • Donkey Kicks – IC

Mosey with with running sideways on the sidewalk between tennis courts and football field.  Flap Jack half.

Mosey back to the parking lot for Mary:

  • Pretzel Crunch – 20 IC (each side)
  • Plank Jack – 20 IC
  • Homer to Marge


  • As always, very happy to get the chance to lead this great group of men.  I always have fun leading and wonder why I don’t do it often.  SIGN UP FOR JANUARY OR DECEMBER IF ANY SPOTS ARE AVAILABLE.  Good advise for myself.
  • @Amway – thank you for visiting us as part of the #Passport challenge!
  • @DirtyMartini’s legs are not slowing down.  @Drop Cloth another fast one along with the rest of “Group 1” doing extra yards for the rest of us.  Thank you!
  • @Spectrum ran the park looking for us, hearing us but not locating us until just the very end.  Brother… wish you had found us… set your alarm clock a few minutes earlier!
  • Cheer @Sully and the #SpeedForNeed teams running at the SantaScramble in Concord NC at 2PM.  @Sully was grateful we warmed up his leg this morning.
  • Please call @Disaster directly or contact him through Slack for all the announcements he has.  We finished the beatdown early at his request so he had time for his announcements.  He said something about a convergence and maybe the workout being at 7AM on Thanksgiving day… I tuned out since I am traveling.  But call him for the details along with all the other announcements.  Or just keep an eye out for the weekly email.
  • Make it a great Saturday and Sunday with your family/friends and enjoy those sunny skies!
  • On November 17, 2018


  1. Hope everyone had a little fun working out on the football field. I kept everyone off the grass as requested except for when we did the wall work. @DirtyMartini and @DropCloth are fast men. I think it was fair faster men run farther?

    Please see @Disaster for all the announcements. Too many to write down.

  2. Disaster

    Great job today @Gordo thanks for leading us. Those field sprints were tough.

    The only announcement was that there is no boot camp at Highlands on Thursday because of the holiday. There is a 7am convergence at Comanche if you want to join them. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!

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