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F3 MeCa | May 20, 2019

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Save Skedaddle Q

Innocently looking for an immigration line to fall into for a much needed passport stamp, i stumbled onto a Buckwheat plea for a Q attached with a threat to shut down Skedaddle.  Well that can’t be, so Q i did….

4 PAX headed out on a damp, hilly adventure through Chistenbury and Highland Creek.  Ranger posted for the first time in a bit nursing a planters issue in his foot.  Glad to have him out.  He and Buckwheat made the turn back at mile 1 for a 2 miler.  ( this is a thing for fellow traveling Q”s, plan a 2 mile drop off point )

Hot Wheels and Hammer continued on the roller coaster ride up and down all the hills and hit Deuce head on.  He roll’d in late from Mint Hill, trying to find the immigration line, he opted to run the route in backwards to catch us…Well Done.

The Three Amigo’s ( Hot Wheels, Hammer and Deuce ) got back to base camp a little ahead of schedule, so there was time to play a round of “Where’s Buckwheat” who took off for some extra steps, we just didn’t know where he went, so the search was launched.  Deuce made us run down this ugly looking hill which only meant one thing…….Running back up it, and, with no Buckwheat sighting, back up  it we ran….. ( at least this is how I remember it )

Buckwheat found, time for COT….

Announcements, Santa Scramble, a 5K down hiller in Concord in Saturday 11/17 at 2pm and will have Speed for Need, come on out and give the gift of running to those who can’t.  More info at

Skedaddle saved, at least for another week, Hot Wheels, out.



  1. HotWheels

    Where were all of the other runners today?

  2. I noticed at least one truthnugget in this backblast. Makes me wonder if I can trust the parts that happened before I caught up with the group. Great running with you guys this morning.

  3. HotWheels

    Hmmmm…makes me wonder now if the run even occurred……

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