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F3 MeCa | December 11, 2019

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Channel Cat

  • When: 10/17/18
  • QIC: Backdraft
  • The PAX: Robins Nest, Gunny, Fire Chicken, Grandmaster, Backdraft, Sundolla, Burg

7 real men gathered at the Mill (some less manly gathered at OCT), on a mild damp morning to be beaten down by the infamous BD!!!!

Warm O Rama:  Mosey to lot behind the Credit Union

25 SSH, 25 IST, 5 TP’s, Various arm circles

Thang:  Mosey to the Park

5 Stations around the park at own pace

1 – playground – 10 pull ups

2 – carousel – 20 1 legged dips 10 on each leg

3 – ampi theatre – HR burpee broad jump across stage

4 – patio – lunge walk across

5- train station – 30 double tap KGB’s

rinse and repeat!!! until time called.

Mary: out of time!

COT/BOM: Prayers to Goonies family for their loss, and to Trick and Cat for their injuries, and Gunnies brothers surgery. F2 Monday East Coast Wings, get ready for the Gremlin in January!!! Continued prayers for hurricane victims!

Moleskin: Yes Cat I gave you your due I stole it cause I like it and I named it after you!!!, Grandmaster once again was commenting on my attire he is creeping me out!! Sundolla welcome back guess we will see you next month bahaaaa! is G Vegas alive? Welcome to passport participant Robins Nest from Comanche with a strong showing. Good beat down at least I thought so we covered almost 3 miles along with the pain stations. No better way to start the Day thanks for showing up guys!  Up next Mountie is coming from the Varsity to Q on Friday!!







  1. Robins Nest

    @backdraft thanks for the lead today! Really enjoyed working out with the brothers from Kannon!

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