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F3 MeCa | January 26, 2021

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  • When: 10/10/2018
  • QIC: Catfish
  • The PAX: FNG – Trey Charles, Neverland, Scooter, Homeland, KGB, Mighty Mouse, Spud, Hipbone, El Ab, Psycho T, Private Ryan, Indy, Tick, Grover, Ace, Lex Luthor, Hops, Skinner, TP, Popeye, Nails and Look Me Up

OCT w/ perfect weather at the start

Warmup:  Mosey to Coltrane Webb basketball court for 20 x SSH, 15 x Hillbillies and 2 – 10 count TP Hamstring Stretch


Thang:  3 Ring Circus (3 areas with a group of exercises for 10 to 12 minutes) Repeato all exercises until movement time called

  1.  Coltrane Webb Playground – 10 Pull-ups, 20 Reverse Bench Dips – 1 loop around mini-track
  2.  Parking Deck Level 2 (Suppose to be Carolina Courts) – 10 Burpees, 20 Suhmo Squats, 30 yd. Lunge Walk

Run one full up and down of parking deck

  1.  Parking Deck Level 2 (Suppose to be top of Parking Deck) – 10 Peter Parkers, 20 Core Killers, Combo Movement (15yd Bear Crawl and 15 yd. Bunny Hop back)


All ring exercises were completed 3 to 5 times before movement time was called.


Mary:  Quick Jog up and down to Floor 1 of deck:  10 J-Lows, 15 Brazilians and close with some Broga (Down Dog, Cobra and Child Pose)


Moleskin:            I was all ready for the start of my moleskin about how many Indy had in attendance yesterday and how low my count was but my brothers showed immense support totaling 23 strong.  I even had Tick come after sleeping in on his neighbor yesterday.  As we began the first of the 3 Ring Circus Grover came up to whisper in my ear that the rain was about to unload on us.  A man that gets paid helping things grow was on the money but confused on why he was so scared of getting wet this am.  Homeland and Spud complained that the whole workout should have been outside and they looked forward to the Trick Q tomorrow as the hurricane approaches, fyi they don’t want any shelters involved.  The passport challenge brought us a new friend, Scooter from Harrisburg.  Always good to see new people, FNG Trey Charles had a good showing as he posted after a Ruck friend from Statesville encouraged him.  Q adapted workout to keep us somewhat sheltered after the first deluge soaked us to the bone.  Many pax were looking for better oxygen as the beat down continued but there was none to be had in the confines of the middle deck levels.  Coffeteria was great as much conversation was had about multiple topics.  Someone please buy Indy a workout towel so he will stop using mine. Lex left workout early to be first in line at Groundworks.  That upset El Ab as he is supposed to be first he even skipped his usual deliberate stretching post Mary to try to get a head start on his special order beverage that is always carried by two hands when delivered by barista.  Prayers up for Gooney and Loafer’s mothers, Fire Chicken’s aunt and uncle, the Fink family and all in the path of upcoming hurricane.  I love Qing but is even more fun with so many brothers in attendance.





  1. Scooter

    Good Q Catfish! I feel the effects of that beatdown all day. And a good crew to workout with. No lack of chatter in Concord. I’ll have to wander up your way again sometime soon. All Concord PAX are welcome down in Harrisburg anytime.

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