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F3 MeCa | May 30, 2020

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5 stations imported from Canada

  • When: 09/22/18
  • QIC: Poutine
  • The PAX: Ranger, 10&2, Brinkley, Gordo, Hammer, Black Sheep, Sparky, Ambassador, Oboe, ?? could not catch name, Sully, Pony Boy, Powerball, KleanUp, Sizzlean, Cool Aid, Gump, Robin's Nest, Poutine

As a PAX of 19 showed at Mallard Creek Park for Poutine Virgin Q, it didn’t take too long for the Canadian and hockey jokes to come out.  But that didn’t derail Poutine (at least momentarily), but it was a different story during WARMARAMA cadence.  Disclaimer was given followed by mosey(light job, side shuffle, skip & reach).


  • SSH x 25
  • Line hops x 15
  • IST x 15 with poor cadence from the Q and strange looking faces from some PAX
  • Walk out x 5 with another cadence struggles by the Q


The PAX were introduced to the first 2 Stations out of 5.  Half the PAX started on Station 1 while the other half on Station 2. In groups of 3, the PAX were at each station for 8 minutes rotating between 3 exercises at each station.  The PAX performing 1st exercise was the “counter” signaling rotation between the 3 exercises.

Station 1: (8 minutes)

  1. Bucket Carry (counter)
  2. Power Roll
  3. Sidewalk hop

Recover:  Mosey around parking lot before heading to Station 2

Station 2: (8 minutes)

  1. Agility ladder – high knees and In & Out 3 times (counter)
  2. Plank Reach
  3. Squat jump 180 degrees

Recover:  PAX formed tight circle and pass around 20 pounds slam ball with Mason twists before walking to Station 3

Station 3: (8 minutes)

  1. Pick Ups x 30 (counter)
  2. Low Plank Hold
  3. Heisman

Recover:  Mosey around parking lot before heading to Station 4

Station 4: (Audible down to 6 minutes)

  1. Donkey Kicks x 30 (counter)
  2. Bunny Hops – 3 forward & 3 backwards
  3. V-Up hold

Recover:  Gump provided 10 seconds (American) countdown = 20 Canadian seconds

Station 5: (Audible down to 6 minutes)

  1. Prisoner Squats x 30 (counter)
  2. Tricep Dips
  3. Skiers

Recover:  PAX formed tight circle again for MARY


  • Plank position rolling slam ball counterclock for full circle. Then rolling again clockwise.
  • Low Flutters x 15
  • Scissors x 15
  • Freddy Mercury x 10


  1. Thanks to everyone for attending @Poutine first Q.  I appreciate the hard work and, the Canadian jokes, and constructive feedback.
  2. Good to see @pavarotti at coffeeteria for short moment. Wishing for speedy recovery and hoping to see you soon at local AO.
  3. Please make strong effort to show up this for Murph Monday (Sept 24th) at 5:30AM at Sports Club.
  4. Don’t forget F3 Dads next Saturday at 9:00AM at HCCP for those with kids ages 3 to 12, but older kids (big brothers & big sisters) welcome as well.
  5. Please reach out to @Poutine for constructive feedback following today’s workout so I can improve.  All non constructive comments (I.e. complaints) can be emailed at: 🙂
  6. Enjoy the rest of the weekends!  Go Tigers and Go Saints!

Thanks for the support during some of the cadence fumbles and other faux pas. It was a privilege and very rewarding to lead this PAX today for the first time. Looking forward to lead once again in near future.

  • On September 22, 2018


  1. KleanUp

    Well done @Poutine. Thanks for taking the lead today.

  2. Definitely high-quality cardio Beatdown today, @Poutine. Love the shade thrown with the email comment to address the “constructive feedback.”

    Iron Sharpens Iron

  3. Pavarotti

    Thx for the shoutout. I hated to miss your VQ. See you in the gloom soon!

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