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F3 MeCa | January 26, 2021

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Celebrating the Browns at Speed

  • When: 09/21/18
  • QIC: Disaster
  • The PAX: Kleanup, Skipper, Dime Bag (WB), Disaster (WD)

Four men showed up for Speed at Highland Creek Elementary School this morning, representing an impressive 400% increase from last week. @Pavarotti is still on the DL recovering from surgery and Stoli continues to be MIA so once again YHC stepped up to fill in as the Speed Q. In honor of Cleveland’s first NFL victory in nearly twenty one months we broke out the bright orange cones for some agility drills in the back parking lot. Here’s how it all went down:


  • Warmup mosey out through the rabbit hole and onto Highland Creek Parkway. Down the big hill and back up through the parking lot. @Kleanup saw some brake lights at home base so we stopped by to check but it was just the janitorial staff showing up early. No sign of anyone from Camp Gladiator today either.
  • Line drills in the middle school parking lot. Forward runs, backwards runs, and sideways shuffles included. @Dime Bag is a side shuffling superstar by the way.
  • Mosey up to the bus lot behind the elementary school picking up the cones along the way.


Split into two teams with three cones each. Spread out the cones along the basketball goals at distances of roughly 15 yards, 25 yards, and 35 yards from the starting line. Take turns running partner relay races (yay!) as follows:

  • Alternate forwards run to the first cone and back X 6 each
  • Alternate forwards run to the second cone and back X 4 each
  • Alternate forwards run to the third cone and back X 2 each
  • Alternate forwards runs up and backwards runs back to the first cone X 4 each
  • Alternate forwards runs up and backwards runs back to the second cone X 2 each
  • Alternate forwards runs up and backwards runs back to the third cone X 1 each
  • Alternate side shuffle runs to the third cone, changing direction at each cone X 1 each
  • Stagger the cones to make a slalom style course
  • As a group forward run through the slalom course
  • As a group alternate forwards and backwards runs through the slalom course
  • As a group alternate forwards and side shuffles through the slalom course
  • Gather up the cones and mosey back down through the parking lot for Mary


Assorted stretching on your own

SOT (square of trust) and BOM




  1. Thanks to everyone who posted today. I think  the PAX felt guilty after reading my lonely one man backblast from last week and took pity on me today.
  2. @Pavarotti is recovering well and hopes to be back up to speed (ha!) by October. I will take the Q again next Friday unless someone else wants to step up and take it.
  3. Still no sign of Stoli
  4. @Dime Bag took off his shirt after the first race proving that he wasn’t messing around today. On a related note, I don’t think anybody feels bad that @Murdock doesn’t ever post at Speed.
  5. Don’t forget Murph Monday on September 24 at 530AM at the Sports Club. The last Monday came early this month.
  6. @Poutine has his VQ tomorrow at HCCP so stop by to show your support if you have time.
  7. Still looking for volunteers to help host F3 Dads next Saturday at 9AM at HCCP. Hit me up on Slack or sound off below if you are interested in helping out.
  8. Prayers going out to residents of the eastern half of our state who are still struggling to recover from Hurricane Florence. More flooding expecting this weekend as rivers continue to flow back downhill towards the coast.
  9. Prayers are also needed for my twenty-five year old nephew as his week old baby Jackson is in the hospital today with difficulties breathing. Tough times for a first time father.
  10. Enjoy the weekend everyone.


  1. KleanUp

    You brought the heat today @Disaster. Well done.

    • Disaster

      Maybe that’s why @Dime Bag took his shirt off.

  2. Skipper

    Thanks for Q today, @Disaster. Great catching up with you and @KleanUp. Also nice to meet @DimeBag for various reasons. #igotaguy #ahoy

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