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F3 MeCa | December 12, 2018

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  • When: 09/11/18
  • QIC: King Julian
  • The PAX: 2Step, R2D2, Blow Out, Gekko, Meola, King Julian

6 Lakers posted for a beat down on 9/11.

Welcome FNG Cody who is now Blow Out.  Thanks to Mandown for the idea.

A 9/11-honoring beatdown. Disclaimer and announcement of theme given. 


  • SSH x9
  • IST x11
  • Cotton Pickers x9
  • Windmills x11
  • (seeing a theme yet?)
  • Mountain Climbers x9
  • SSH x11
  • IST x9
  • Cotton Pickers 11
  • Windmills x9
  • Mountain Climbers x11
  • Mosey for 9-11 ladders(9,7,5,3,1 at the bottom, 11,9,7,5,3 at the top) using rocks at the bottom, quadraphilia to the top. In between ladders, do the “Flights” mentioned below.
    • Ladder #1: Curls and Merkins
      • Flight 11 (see below)
    • Ladder #2: Skull Crushers and Air Squat
      • Flight 175 (see below)
    • Ladder #3: Overhead Press and Mountain Climbers
      • Flight 77 (see below)
    • Ladder #4: Chest Press and Star Jacks
      • Flight 93 (see below)
    • Flight 11was the first to crash, into the N. Tower at 8:46am. Mosey to playground for:
      • 11 Merkins
      • 11 Jump Squats
      • Return to track for 2nd ladder
    • Flight 175hit the S. Tower at 9:03am. Mosey over to wall for:
      • 5 Burpees
      • Flight 77hit the Pentagon at 9:37am. Stay on the track for:
        • 77 second plank
        • Start 4th ladder
    • Return rocks (carefully!!!),
    • Flight 93 crashed into the fields of Pennsylvania at 10:03am.
    • Mary


King Julian

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