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F3 MeCa | September 18, 2019

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Tennis courts are just for starters

  • When: 07/21/18
  • QIC: Talladega
  • The PAX: Knuckle Sandwich, Virus (FNG Tom), Guinness, Amway, Bay City Roller, Powerball, Booter (FNG Jeff), Beetlejuice, Sugar, Skaggs, Hawkeye, Talladega

12 men met at the park for some Saturday morning fun, F3 style.  A couple of FNGs returned for their second round which is always great to see.  Mix in some relative newbies and seasoned veterans and you get a group of men just itching to get started with the suck. Well maybe that’s a little embellished but whatever.  Disclaimer given, 7a on the watch, time to mosey.


To the tennis courts for warmups

  • SSH x30 IC
  • Hillbillies x15 IC
  • Low slow squats x16 IC (yes 16, YHC forgot to stop at 15)
  • Windmills x15 IC


  • 5 Burpees
  • 10 lunges
  • 15 IST
  • 20 merkins
  • 25 plank jacks
  • 30 squats
  • one mosey lap around the tennis courts
  • repeat the above

At the concrete wall split up into two groups, 1s and 2s

  • 1s do BTTW with hip slaps x10 IC single count
  • 2s do LBCs while waiting
  • switch
  • repeat for total of 3 sets
  • one mosey lap around the tennis courts

At this point I believe I heard something about how big Dorton Park was yet we were going to be spending an hour inside the tennis courts.  Oh ye of little faith!  The rest of the park was waiting but there was more fun to go inside the fence.

  • 1s do donkey kicks x10 IC single count
  • 2s do RBCs while waiting
  • switch
  • repeat for total of 3 sets

Mosey to the grassy knoll, passing a water fountain that YHC made sure worked.  One swig is all I needed but if that breaks some kind of F3 law then I’ll ask for forgiveness vs permission.

descending ladder 10, 8, 6, 4, 2

  • bear crawl to the top
  • jump squats
  • crab walk to the bottom
  • table tops (or break dancers as BCR said- very nice)
  • pick up the six to finish together

Mosey to the field for partner fun

  • 1s start doing merkins
  • 2s run half the field width and back
  • switch
  • keep going til total of 100
  • repeat process with WWIIs

Mosey through the park with Indian run

  • one sequence with man in the back dropping off to do 1 burpee, run to the front
  • two sequences with drop off to do 2 burpees
  • EC for those who thought it was a burpee at the back and the front

Pick up the six and head to the shelter for Mary.  YHC learned he has to be more clear with directions.  When Amway hears ‘go right’ he does so even if the trail does not.  The grass gets us there quicker any way, who needs a trail?  BCR asks which direction and YHC says straight.  Only problem is straight is right into a tree- my options were really only left or right.  My bad.  BCR only had to veer slightly from straight, train wreck averted.  The PAX was very good at doing what I said, be it right or wrong on my part.

At the shelter, too much time left to start mary so the the tables were a perfect sight.

  • step ups x20 each leg (or keep going til someone says they’ve done 20 and we all stop in agreement)
  • dips x20
  • incline merkins x20
  • derkins x20

Now time for mary

  • low flutter x10, sitting up with arms raised overhead
  • low flutter x10, leaning back on elbows
  • low flutter x10, flat on back
  • pretzel stick x15 each side
  • mason twist x15 IC
  • 1min plank


Recover Recover


Announcements / Prayers

  • Skaggs mentioned deaths in his church family this past week, prayers for those families
  • Shooter on mission trip
  • Trick Daddy and family back in Brazil for mission work
  • Other F3 guys in Brazil as well for missions
  • Several comments about the Q Source as well as Q Grinders coming up at different AOs next Saturday, details forthcoming in next MECA email

Pray it out



  • Great to see a group of men out pushing it on a Saturday morning.  The easy choice may have been to stay in and sleep but who said the best thing is always the easiest?
  • Several guys may have had to ‘modify as necessary’ but there was no quit.  That’s the beauty of an F3 workout- guys not quitting and having another man stick with you to encourage you.  We are stronger together.
  • Saw the circle of life today, a bird searching for and finding breakfast in the form of some huge bug!  Pretty sure the bug was not as impressed but just goes to show the saying ‘the early bird gets the worm (or bug)’ really is true.  Hope the PAX each got their proverbial worm today, that you got your money’s worth and feel better for it!


  1. Talladega

    Honor to lead as always guys, thanks for playing along! No better way to control the suck than to lead it. Q-Drenalin does wonders!

  2. Thanks for leading, @Talladega. I enjoyed venturing outside my AO this morning.

    Appreciate the preblast Nike-style encouragement from @Guiness – “Just do it.”

    Definitely agreed with the PAX’s comparison early in the Beatdown to the prison yard….only in reference to the workout within the fence.

    I wish this AO the best in the upcoming official launch. Iron Sharpens Iron.

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