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F3 MeCa | March 26, 2019

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Steamy, Hilly Run on the Greenway

  • When: 06/13/18
  • QIC: Roomba
  • The PAX: Heat Stroke, Love Seat, Spark Nut, Soprano, Marie C

6 Pax showed up for a Steamy, Hilly interval run today.  Not the usual cruise as the Q was training for some hills at Whitewater this weekend.

Disclaimer first and off we went.  Easy Jog to the trail before the real training began.  The jog continued to the Marquette exit.  Sprint up the hill to the street, jog easily back to the main trail.  The sprint to the dock (Spark Nut decided to do some extra credit and sprint onto the dock).  Then easy jog to the next exit, Astoria.  Sprint up the hill and jog back.  The pain starts to turn on when you then have to sprint back to the dock, jog to the Marquette entrance and sprint up the hill again.  Do this again and again.  Surprised to see all PAX keep up, Soprano putting in most improvement I have seen yet for a Cruise day.  Great job to all.

Lesson on why intervals and how it helps increase your speed, announcements, prayers for Marie C’s mom and we called it complete.

Thanks everyone for sticking our there.  Might need a better name for next time.




  1. Marie Calendar

    Good route, Roomba, added some elevation to the Cruise and kept the PAX mostly together. Was like swimming with the 96% humidity for sure.

    Until next time!

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