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F3 MeCa | January 21, 2019

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Kannon 600

  • When: 05/25/18
  • QIC: Chicken Strip
  • The PAX: Chicken Strip, Scout, Back Draft, Recycle, Rooster, Fire Chicken, Trick Daddy, The Burg, Hacksaw, Catfish, G-Vegas

Kannon 600

In honor of my childhood hero Jeff Gordon getting inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame yesterday and in celebration of the race this weekend 11 pax took part in a NASCAR / Jeff Gordon themed workout. Most exercises were in sets of 24 in honor of the man himself. Don’t worry though we paid tribute to hometown hero #3 Dale Earnhardt and his 7 Championships too.

Mosey to Veterans Monument


SSH X 24
Mountain Climbers X 24
Cotton Pickers X 24

Mosey to Dale Earnhardt statue

Circuit (AMRAP – break into groups)

Turn 1 (Parking lot across street)
WWII Sit-ups X 24
Core Killers X 8 (3 Each)

Turn 2 (Parking lot across street)
Merkins X 24
Burpees X 12

Turn 3 (Benches by Statue)
Dips X 24
Incline Merkins X 24

Turn 4 (Benches by Statue)
Squats X 24
Step Up’s X 24 (12 each leg)

At Statue
Derkins X 7 IC
W’s X 21 (7 * 3) IC

Mosey to AO

Crunchy Frog X 24 IC
Makhtar N’Diayes X 12 IC
Mason Twist X 24


Prayers for Amway who is still injured

Praise and congratulations for Catfish’s son who graduates today

Davis Lake 3 Year Anniversary convergence tomorrow

No Kannon workout tomorrow, we’re combining for a Catfish Q @ Concord

Chevk Slack for Memorial Day workout details at Kannon or join Murphs @ Harrisburg @ 5:30? and Tradition @ 7

Chicken Strip

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