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F3 MeCa | December 5, 2019

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Honoring Danny Knust

With ITO off to Missouri his late father, Danny Knust, memorial service, 3 PAX set to honor him by giving all we had for 45 minutes.


Pool to Snow to Pool

Pain Stations:

59 seconds of exercise, 12 of break; 71 seconds for Danny’s 71 years on earth

  • Tricep Extensions
  • Lawn Mower
  • Sumo Squats


  • Various sit-ups


Modified from @SoloCup who stole it from @Wexler

  • Murph this Monday at 0530 at Stalling Road Park with @Kojak
  • Cubscout Pack 173 is having a car wash Saturday from 10-2 at Harrisburg Presbyterian Church. Donations welcome
  • This Saturday 5/26 is a pancake breakfast at Hickory Ridge High School to support the Volz Family and their daughter who recently started having bad seizures. Coffeteria will be moved here after Saturday’s beatdown.
  • RoadWarrior and WarriorOne (Broga) moves to Abbington Poolhouse 5/30 after Memorial Day #TheDevilsPitchForkReturns
  • Getting more information today on Adopt-A-Park. They need help the first two weeks of June and finding out more details. Anyone interested has to fill out a waiver. Please send Wexler an email if you are interested
  • F3 Harrisburg’s 5th year anniversary Beatdown is 6/16. We will be serving coffee and bagels. We need help serving and Qing. Let Me know if you want to help and how
  • The Family Cookout is 6/16 as well. Look for an Evite went out yesterday.  Reply even if you don’t plan on showing up


  • Prayers for Annabelle. A newborn with severe health issues. Is now off life support and hoping her brain can be healed.
  • Prayers for @Dicktracy’s nephew and their entire family
  • Prayers for @Ito and his entire family as they mourn the loss of his father



We led off the tabada portion of the workout with some Dad Rock, Bohemian Rhaposedy, Carry On My Wayward Son, Sharp Dressed Man, Fortunate Son…We could have covered this whole workout with Alice’s Restaurant, but it doesn’t really get the blood pumping.

1967 Dodge Dart was @Minnow’s first Car

Chevy Vega for @Bearclaw

1989 Mustang GT, which was YHCs family car and mom’s grocery getter before I got it

We have had a lot of Pax lose the parents in the time that I joined and it’s always hard.  The best thing I learned from my father was the being a dad is the most important job you will have.  It will be difficult, but 80+% of the battle is being involved and being there.  We have a great group of men and dads.  You can’t do anything in Harrisburg without seeing them! Keep pushing.

Honor our veterans this weekend and remember to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.  #FreedomIsntFree



  1. Bearclaw

    Thanks for the lead and the music. It brought back memories of the teenage years for SS Minnow and myself. I appreciate what you said about being a dad. American Pie could also have lasted for the entire work out as well.

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