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F3 MeCa | January 21, 2019

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  • When: 05/16/18
  • QIC: Indiana
  • The PAX: Recycle, Lejuene, Gooney, Gunny, BMW, Grandmaster, Chicken Strip, Hacksaw, Scout, Cupid, Indy, FireChicken

Rain just ending at 0530. 12 strong. Loud mouth in attendance. The little short PAX with a que tip on his head.


SSH 20
Elbow plank 3 min with peter parkers
SSH 15
Cotton Pickers

Indian Run around AO with
Caboose doing 5 frog hoppers (about a mile)

End at Deck



3 exercises on level 1 then a fartlek run up the deck to levels 2,3,4


V ups 10
Break Dance Merks 10
Lunges 10

Run 90% up to level 2 then down stairs back to start

Box Cutters 10
Diamond Merks 10
AS 10

Run up 2 levels to level 3 then down stairs back to start

Scissors 8 count for 5 reps
DD Merks 10
Spinning AS 10

Run up 3 levels to 4 then back to start

Rinse and repeat with reps going to 15 each



6 exercises done in rapid succession without letting feet down

LBC 10
Freddie Merks 10
Ws 10
Low Flutter 10
Homer to Marge 5
Rosalitas 10

MOLESKIN: Thank you for letting me be your Q today. Kept it dry in the deck as slipped on pavers during Indian run and got skeerd like BD of doing 6min time trials around the inner loop. 3 minute plank never a crowd pleaser but crucial if you are going to have a good core. Q was gassed by the end of this with HR way into the RED anaerobic jungle. AMWAY still out on IR with bad leg. Prayers for Gooney’s mom. Great work by all. Coffee was had post at Sundials place. Enjoy your day



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