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F3 MeCa | January 21, 2019

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  • When: 01/12/18
  • QIC: Ty Webb
  • The PAX: Ty Webb, Sparky, Parkour, Snip, Dodger, Jimmy Buffett


All exercises IC unless otherwise noted.

Mosey around parking lot and circle up.

SSH x 15

IST x 15 x 15

Toy soldier x 15

Slow windmill x 15


Begin in a pre-determined parking space aka “Spot 1” and do 1 burpee.

Run lap around upper lot and stop in the next parking space aka “Spot 2” and do 2 burpees.

REAPEATO up to “Spot 5”

Mosey to cinderblocks and get a block to begin 4-corners.

Corner 1: Squat thrusts w/ block x 10 then run to Corner 2.

Corner 2: Merkin x 10 then run to Corner 3.

Corner 3: Alternating lunges x 10 then run to Corner 4.

Corner 4: 8-count bodybuilders x 10 then run to Corner 1.

REPEATO, decreasing reps by 2 down to 2

Mosey over to cart shed and procure a spot along the wall to prepare for ladder exercises.

Muscle-ups x 10 then run to bottom of the hill.

Squats x 2 then run back to wall.

REPEATO, decreasing muscle-ups by 2 down to 2 and increasing squats by 2 up to 10.

Mosey back to cars for Mary.


LBC x 15

Dying cockroach x 15

Freddy Mercury x 15

Low flutter x 15

Low dolly x 15

Mason twist x 15

Crunchy frog x 15


  1. Thanks to the 5 PAX who braved the 65 degree weather and joined me this morning.
  2. Not a whole lot of mumble-chatter this morning except for complaints about the 8-count bodybuilders. I think most PAX finally got the hang of it by the last round of 4-corners.
  3. Snip pushed the pace on the 4-corner runs and deftly dodged the leaves blowing in the wind.
  4. Sparky was over-dressed but looked really good in his long-sleeved F3 jacket.
  5. True Grit tomorrow (1/13) at Grace Covenant at 6AM!

See y’all in the gloom!

Ty Webb

Ty Webb


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