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F3 MeCa | July 14, 2020

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Time for a little CBW workout. Trust me, your butt needs it!

  • When: 01/11/18
  • QIC: Sugar
  • The PAX: Stretchy, Roomba, Sparknut, Sparky, Marie Callender, Life Alert, El Sabado, Kilowatt, Gold Bond, Heatstroke, Costello, Schnitzel, Jimmy Buffett, Sugar.

As YHC has been slowly getting back into the DRP after a lower back strain for good cause (liftin a keg), I thought a good CBW workout was in order. CBW or Chronic Butt Weakness, was introduced to F3 by our very own Stretchy (an actual professional PT) a few years ago. What is CBW you ask??? Simply put, weak Glutes! The gluteus maximus (also known collectively with the gluteus medius and minimus, as the gluteal muscles, and sometimes referred to informally as the “glutes”) are the largest muscles in our bodies and unfortunately, most often the weakest. It’s the largest for a reason – it has a lot of work to do. And when they’re weak, all the other smaller muscles in the pelvic region and lower back have to compensate. And when they do they and their respective ligaments can become strained or worse torn. Long story short, you end up missing weeks of workouts and possibly getting to know Stretchy on a professional level!
Sooooo, never mind the injury but YHC also succumbed to a bit of ‘injury induce fartsack syndrome’ or IIFS. What’s the best cure for IIFS? Accountability – Sign up to Q – no backing out (without a ton of ruthless shaming).

The Thang:
Mosey to the old school for a quick warm up with SSH, Windmills, Cotton Pickers, and Tempo squats.

The real Thang
Mosey to the parking lot and grab a line for line hops. Both feet left to right, front to back and slalom up and back – 3 rounds with Monkey Humpers, Romaian Dead Lifts and one legged pickle pokers in turn at the end of each round.

The Next Thang
Line up at one island. Google Bun Shapers to other island for 10 Merkins and return for 8, etc ladder down to 2.

The next, next Thang
Partner up for a bit of reduced Dora 123 or Dora .5, 1 and 1.5. Apollo Onos, Sumo Squats and LBCs – 50, 100, 150. P1 runs to other island, P2 works – swap until finished.

The Last Thang
Mosey to the brick planters for some revers lunges, step ups and Bulgarian splits. Indian run back to Stoner land with 2 squat special in the back.

Bird Dogs (or some other name Jimmy said), Pickle pokers, Pretzel Stick, Dying Cockroach til time (like a bunch of them).

Naked Man Moleskin
Great to get back out. This is the first time I’ve had to miss weeks of what we do because of injury – it sucks! 1 – take care of your bodies. Stretch, roll whatever, just be cognizant that what we do can be hard on us. It’s supposed to be. But it’s our responsibility to ourselves to do it smartly. Listen to your bodies and take care of them. 2 – Check in on our brothers who have been out for a while (whether its due to injury or not) and pray for their return. What we do is not just to get us in shape and keep us in shape, but is the foundation of the accountability we all need to be the Men that we should be.

Let’s keep Marie’s mother and Indy’s family in our prayers.

MeCa Region party 1/27 Cabarrus Brewery – $10 per – Ms invited as well – Info in the weekly update and you should have received and email invite.

Heatstroke on Q at The Mineshaft Sat 0700-0800

Ruck training at Dawghouse tomorrow 0500 – 0600. Need bodies, no ruck required. Come see what all the excitement is about!!


  • On January 11, 2018


  1. Aye! Thanks for playing along.

  2. kilowatt

    Solid Q. Great variety.

  3. Jimmy Buffett

    Dancing Bears.

    My abs are sore from the excessive dying cockroaches.

  4. Sparknut

    Great to have you back Sugar! I didn’t realize you had been out that much. I just figured you had been off rucking somewhere. Good partnering with you brother!

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