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F3 MeCa | September 22, 2019

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Brighter is not always better…

  • When: 08/21/17
  • QIC: Grinder
  • The PAX: Dirty Martini, Dodger, Hugo, Glock, Gordo, Grinder, Snip, Spectrum

8 PAX arrived to the gloomy parking lot ready to run before the Apocyeclipse.  YHC was eager to test out a newly acquired headlamp.  With 8000 lumens, 5 lenses, and an external battery pack, this thing can be seen from the moon.  5:30 strikes, I fire up the head mounted lighthouse, and we roll.

The Thang:

Painstations on the back 9, reverse order.


  1. The reverse course seemed to catch everyone off guard.  YHC really didn’t want to run up 18 today!  You’re welcome.
  2. It only took 1 hole for me to realize that the worlds brightest headlamp is not ideal for running.  With the added weight on the front and the battery pack on the back, that thing was shifting around on me all morning.  If anyone plans to do some spelunking in the near future, hit me up and I’ll cut you a deal on the perfect headlamp.
  3. Look for a @Dodger Q this Wednesday.  There may be some leg work involved.
  4. Have fun staring at the sun today!

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