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F3 MeCa | April 18, 2021

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No Soccer arms today

  • When: 07/25/17
  • QIC: Field Of Dreams
  • The PAX: Man Down, Hot Wheels, Brutus, Urlacher, Closer, Herbie, Fiddler

7 of the Precincts faithful regulars and one new transplant gathered together for a Tuesday beatdown on a muggy summer morning.

Here is how the Beatdown went down:

Warm O Rama

Short Mosey around the parking lot island while doing arm circles:

– Side Straddle Hops X20

In honor of the men’s USA soccer team reaching the Gold Cup finals match we did a few soccer warm up drills up and down the parking lot.

– Cotton Pickers X20 followed by Wind mills X 20

– Mountain Climbers X15 followed by Plank Jacks X15

Mossy to the Prison Cell

Pick up Cinder Blocks one for each of the PAX members

Cinderblock ‘craps” Each pax takes turns rolling the dice.  Do whatever the 2 dice tells you using your cinder block.  The random selection was:

Dice 1:

– Curls X 20, Overhead Press X 20, Incline Merkins X 25, Uneven Merkins X10 each side, Scull Crushers X10, Run 5 laps around both tennis courts (no block needed for the run)

Dice 2:

– Squats X25, Bench press X25, Decline Merkins X 20, Lunges X10 each leg, Sit-ups X10, Run 5 laps around both tennis courts (no block needed for the run)

The run never came up.

Mossy to the Great Wall of Wellington

– 5, 10, 15 ladder of Muscle ups and dips at the gun range (the hard core men did pull-ups)

Mossy to the Prison Yard for some Mary

– Little Baby Crunches X20

– Pretzel Crunch X10  each side flap jack

– Freddy Mercury X20

Mossy to the Prison Cell for another round of Cinderblock craps

Mossy back to the Shovel Flag for some Mary:

– Mason Twist X15

– Crunchy Frog X10

– Dying Cockroach X15 (thanks to Man Down)

– WW2 Situps X 20 (thanks to Hot Wheels)

Moleskin: Thanks for coming out and rolling some dice with me and thanks for Man Down closing out with a prayer.  Welcome Fiddler to the neighborhood.



  1. Man Down

    That was a very “Mossy” beatdown!

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