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F3 MeCa | April 18, 2021

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The Academy – July Edition

  • When: 07/20/17
  • QIC: Man Down
  • The PAX: #1 Billboard Prison Fruit Maximus ONJ Phoenix Landlord Dumbledore Flood Plain Hot Wheels Seeker Buffalo Bill Dr. Belding Skipper King Louie Man Down

A Sweet Sixteen Pax from Tradition and The Precinct took on The Academy monthly AMRAP this morning! This WIB (Workout In a Bag) is a FULL body, you-vs-you, 35-minute nonstop strength and cardio endeavor which gives Pax a tour of The Precinct AO while working close with our brothers. Here’s what we did…

0532 (waited on a couple snoozers) – We launched from Intake for The Farmlands run, then back up again and to enter The Cell Block for The AMRAP Gauntlet (signs posted at each station)…

  1. 10 Burpees at the Gate, run forward…
  2. 20 Cinder Block Curls, run diagonal…
  3. 10 Tire Flips, run forward…
  4. 20 Cinder Block Triceps Extensions, run to the Gun Range…
  5. 10 Pull-ups, run to the Great Wall…
  6. 10 Muscle-ups, over the wall on last rep and down to sidewalk…
  7. Bear Crawls from pole-to-pole, back around outside of fence to the Cell Block Gate.

Once you make it back to the Gate, that’s ONE round. Rinse and Repeat #1-7 AMRAP until time called at 0607. The sixteen were no longer “sweet” by this point.

Blocks and tires back, then log your laps – x.1, x.2, x.3, x.4, x.5, x.6, x.7 – where “x” denotes the number of full rounds and then you add the last station completed (#1-7). Monthly totals are kept below as a benchmark. Set a goal to beat your record next month!

Click Here –> Academy Totals <– Click Here

  • Next running of The Academy will be Thursday, August 17th. Mark your calendars and be here! The workout is tough, as it should be, and it’s a great way to test your progress in both strength and endurance throughout the year.

  • As mentioned during COT, today is my 44th b’day, and one way I’m marking it (for the 2nd consecutive year) is by participating in a movement called One Day’s Wages. The basic premise is that you calculate how much you earn in a day and give it away on your birthday! You can visit their webpage for ideas, invest in something you’re already connected with, or join me in supporting Bridge To India by clicking HERE. Copy and paste this in your calendar to remind you when your birthday comes.

Man Down


  1. Skipper

    Happy Birthday @ManDown! and nice work coordinating #TheAcademy to include setup and tracking of results, etc. You killed it today! I kept you in my sights, but I could never catch you. #oldmanstrong Actually, #oldmanstrong goes out to the #respect crowd and 2 #doublerespects (@Maximus and @Billboard). Lots of motivation out there today! #ahoy

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