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F3 MeCa | April 18, 2021

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Snowball Fight, Part Deux…Summer Style!

  • When: 07/18/17
  • QIC: Skipper and Lil Buddy
  • The PAX: Hot Wheels, Field of Dreams, Man Down, Herbie, Closer, Trail Mix, Dumbledore, Urlacher, Lil Buddy, Skipper

10 men showed up to workout, 10 men conquered and survived to fight another day. The following excerpt is from the Battlefield diary of @LilBuddy

“On this day F3 Precinct had their greatest stealth mission yet: to cross the Prosperity Church River and attack the F3 Tradition worker-outers with water balloons. Led by General Skipper, they ran ten feet and did the workouts of: side straddle hop, imperial storm trooper, windmill, mountain climber, and the merkin. Next General Skipper led his troops to the corner of Prosperity and Kaitlyn River. There we did partner workouts where partner one did 15 dips, 15 step ups each leg, and 15 derkins, while partner two planked. The partners switched off after each 15 was done by the other partner. Then he led the troops to the front of the haunted daycare. There were more partner exercises here, with partner one running down from the top of the hill, doing 5 burpees, and then quadrophilia back up the hill while partner two did squats, planked, did standing lunges and push-ups. It was finally time for the crossing of the Prosperity Church River and the start of the sneak attack. General Skipper led his men to the pull up bars as a decoy while Private Lil Buddy and Colonel Dumbledore filled up the water bombs. When the bombs were ready, General Skipper had his troops split up to go around both ways to corner the Tradition soldiers. At the command, General Skipper yelled, “Next exercise is: attack!” The Precinct soldiers let the bombs go on the Tradition soldiers. It was a massacre and a great victory for the Precinct army. In retreat, General Skipper led his men back to the daycare, where partner one did the same thing, while partner two also did burpees and then switched. General Skipper got all troops back to their base where they did their Mary, which consisted of: planking for one minute, Freddy Mercury, low flutter, crunchy frog, and pretzel sit-ups. The ten Precinct troops counted off and said their names. It was a glorious workout for the soldiers and they were sent home victorious, sweaty and happy.”


  1. YHC has recently discovered the second greatest invention…Bunch ‘O Balloons. There have been some epic battles around #CasaMilligan this summer thanks to Bunch ‘O Balloons (10 minutes to prepare 250 balloons). #firstgreatestinventionisbabywipes
  2. Some #Precinct and #Tradition pax may remember a similar slaughter last winter (or was it 2 years ago? #timeflies) when YHC led a snowball sneak attack. At least @Urlacher was on the winning side this time. #civilwar
  3. Always happy to have V2.0 @LilBuddy join me for an F3 workout, but when he takes responsibility for the #bb, then I’m a true #proudpapa!
  4. Plenty of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd F available this week!  Check the e-mail and new F3 Meca website (TheShield tonight at Grinder’s house, Kannapolis Intimidators game Thurs night, Google send off at 26 Acres on Friday night, F3Dads at Comanche on Sat, Stonebridge Men’s breakfast on Sat). #hope2CUthere
  5. It was fun to have a fake battle, but let our prayers go out today to the men and women who are truly protecting our freedoms! #GodBlessAmerica


Skipper and Lil Buddy



  1. Man Down

    Great BB @LilBuddy and great ! @Skipper!

    • Man Down

      That first “!” should’ve been a “Q.” #keystrokemishap

  2. Skipper

    Lil’ Buddy and I drove back to the battle scene for a little clean-up and found one unexploded balloon. Just then, @MrBelding came running by and…direct hit! #atleastthatshowirememberit

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