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F3 MeCa | April 17, 2021

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A People’s Q Just For You

  • When: 07/15/17
  • QIC: Murdock, Pavarotti, Disaster
  • The PAX: Amnesia, Sandman, Duffel Bag, Stretchy, Inspector Red Bottom, Sparky, Google, Murdock, Drop Cloth, Pony Boy, Alcatraz, Pavarotti, Brinkley, Guinness, Disaster

15 men showed up at Mallard Creek Community Park for another humid Saturday beatdown. No Q? No problem. @Murdock stepped up with a quick disclaimer and then the PAX was off. Here’s how it all went down.

WARMARAMA (@Murdock)

  • SSH IC X 20
  • IST IC X 20
  • WM IC X 20
  • CP IC X 20

@Murdock took the PAX over to the concession stands for nine rounds of figure eight laps. Grab a partner and find some wall. Partner 1 runs while Partner 2 exercises and then switcheroo.

  • Air Squats X 3
  • Donkey Kicks X 3
  • Balls to the Wall X 3

@Pavarotti took over from there and led the PAX down to the soccer field.

  • Bear Crawl/Crab Walk across the first field to the sidewalk
  • 5 merkins (approximately) on the sidewalk followed by a forwards/ backwards sprint across the second field. Mosey back to sidewalk.
  • Repeato with 10 LBC, 10 CDD, and 10 WW2 Situps
  • Mosey over to the big hill. Run to the top and back down with a burpee at the bottom. Repeato X 5 adding a burpee each time.
  • Indian Run over to the side parking lot to find some shade. Each PAX grabs a line (wall) on the parking lot. Run to the curb for 2 merkins. Run all the way around the line (wall) to the other side for 2 more merkins. Continue until you get to 20 and then stop (10 laps).
  • Repeato with 4 laps of 5 merkins each side, 2 laps of 10 merkins each side, then back down to 4 laps with 5 merkins and 10 laps with 2 merkins.

@Disaster took over from there and was supposed to lead the PAX back for Marry but apparently he didn’t get the memo.

  • In teams of 3, run over to the big paved hill for a three-man grinder. Squats at the top of the hill and LBC at the bottom, with the third man running in between. Continue for about six minutes. Run back to the main parking lot for Marry.

@Brinkley took care of Marry while @Disaster went to retrieve his phone.

  • Low Flutter IC X 20 (maybe, YHC wasn’t there)
  • Reverse Crunch IC X 20



  1. Thanks to everyone who showed up today, especially @Murdock and @Pavarotti for stepping up to Q. Let me know if I missed something on the backblast as this was all from memory.
  2. F3 baseball with the Intimidators is this Thursday July 20. Plenty of good seats available with tickets only $10 each. This includes $5 worth of food vouchers which should come in handy for a Thirsty Thursday. Bring your M and 2.0’s for a fun evening out with your MECA brothers.
  3. HDHH at 7PM on Friday night July 21 at 26 Acres. We will be celebrating our brother @Google, who will be leaving us for the high priced real estate of Southern California. Come out to wish him farewell and buy him a beer or two while your’e there
  4. F3 Dads at #Comanche next Saturday July 22 at 8AM. Bring your 2.0’s out for a fun, kid-friendly beatdown. Please HC on the backblast if you want to eat breakfast afterwards. @Sizzlean is making pancakes and I am guessing (hoping) that there will be plenty of breakfast meats as well. Water, coffee, and other snacks will also be available.

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