Deck the Heeel

4 men with long faces searching for answers to the USNWT conundrum shed the fartsack for some punishment.

Warm OH Rama:

Lap around Hospital campus back to Heel.


Mini-sidewinders width of hill serpentine like up Heel. Finish with a lungbuster up hill from demo grass lot to parking lot. 30 second breather.

Mosey to spot on Heel with some minor slope.

Mtn Goats x 1.

Mosey to Deck on 29. from ground floor, sprint up west stair to top, continue cross deck, down stair diagonal, and back up. Stop. 30 second breather. Air con nice in elevator vestibules.

Mosey to parking spaces.

Parking stall bear crawls x 9 spaces.

Mosey back to Heel.

Quadromania: 10 steps quadromania, stop for 10 squats, all the way to the top.

Walk it off, mosey back to ASEC.


LBC’s 25 (3 count).



Great morning for a workout! Had to change up my workout. Hospital red tape bested my original plans. Enjoyed the chatter. Phidipides went off post workout devising a sinister pain infliction sequence. Ready for his virgin Q.

Until next time.