Learn to luv da weight

Five men of this lost world came out this morning to improve thier strength and stamina. We also lost some sodium out there as a result of high humidity.

No one is responsible for us men. That being said no shame in adjusting a workout to your endurence level if needed. Always better than passing out.

Windmills- IC X 11 (dont know why)
Cotton pickers – IC X 10
Streching- hammys – back – shoulder

Happy jacks – IC X 20 i think
This is 5 ssh followed by 2. . jumpsquats then repeato

Mountain climber merkins – IC X 10
This is M.C. with a
Merkin at every hard count.

Da thang

Get your bell and start running.(lol i know yall love that)
Run to guard rail
One arm bent over rows(lawn mower pulls) holding guard rail with other hand. Flapjack
Slow count X 15 – count is up hold 1,2,3 down followed by sugars favorite 50 ww2s
Repeato X 12 rows w-20 ww2s
Repeato X 10 rows w-15 ww2s


Overhead bell pullovers leaning with back on rail followed by kettle swings.
IC X 10 pullovers w-20 swings
IC X 10 pullovers w-15 sqings
IC X 10 pullovers w-12 swings


Mosey back to ao while tring to stop decaf from bitting the tire of a 18 wheeler.
lunge walk rest of way back with bell

Dimond merks X 10 IC w-30 curls
DM X 10. 25 curls


The W IC X 30 with bell
LBC. IC X 20 with bell
WWll. X 15 X 10 X 10


Nice job men. All men who want to step up their endurance a notch come out to odell on wendsdays for run with pain stations. This means the run is stoped every quarter mile or so for an excerise. This works for non runners. Next thursday johny bruscos for pizza 730. No kettle bell friday 25th. Shnitzels get together. Were meeting elsewhere ask sugar for details. Nice working with you cutter.

Milkbone out

9 thoughts on “Learn to luv da weight

  1. Schnitzel

    @Milkbone, nicely done, as always. Luv running with the bell.
    The Schnitzel get together is at Cox Mill Elem, Friday 8-26 @ 0530. My three year anniversary, where it all started. No Bell Buster on that day.
    Have a great weekend, all.

  2. Hula

    Looks like a typical Milkbone beat down. I know yall got it in good. It was weird posting on Friday elsewhere.

    Quick question. Did you do ww2 situps with the bell?

    Have a good weekend bros.

  3. Sugar

    Damnit, @Hula! Next time he Q’s we’ll be doing those with our bells! Was bad enough as it was! Dude’s stuck on the number 50 for some reason.

    Well done @Milkbone, thanks for stepping up to Q! However, you make ‘run to the guard rail’ sound like it’s just a short mosey. I didn’t realize it was BEHIND HT! Damn near a 1/4 mi run! (WHAAAAAAA)

    I’m beginning to really enjoy the kettle bell workouts! Nice change of pace and an easy way (or at least e bit less pounding way) to add another workout day to the week! (hint, hint #DRP)

    We need more PAX for this one! EH! EH! EH!

    Beatdown at Mallard Creek Park tomorrow AM – 0700 (soccer fields)

  4. milkbone Post author

    @schnitzel thanks man. I’m interested in seeing where it all started!
    @hula no bell for ww2s. I’m saving that for when I see you.;)
    @sugar in working on my six pack. 50 is a good solid number huh.

    Cutter and decaf thanks for coming out. Decaf your a character. oops, meant you bring good character. Lol
    Cutter see you Wednesday…..

  5. Sugar

    I say just pick one and I’ll send it out via RS email. I think we need a minimum to order (12??). Eeny meeny miny moe….

  6. Sparknut

    @Milkbone- I’ll try it if you call WWII’s with the bell…
    Sorry I missed the beatdown. Co-qed with Hula at Skywalker this morning. Nice work men.

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