Head to Toe and Repeato

6 F3 Faithful arrived at Stallings Road Park to get swole this morning. @Gamma promised the beatings would continue until the Q list was filled… YHC thought the known was better than the unknown and pulled the backup #Weinke from the archives (truck console). A sweatfest of head-to-toe/full-body work ensued…


Warmorama – SSH IC x15, Windmill IC x10, IST IC x10, Merican IC x10

Thang: 16 exercises – 1st rnd 10 reps, 2nd rnd 15 reps, 3rd rnd 5 reps (up the weight)

  • Halo
  • Arnold Shoulder Press
  • Curb Dips
  • Outhouse Curl
  • Merican w/ one hand on kb & stacked feet – full reps each side
  • Crunch w/ chest press
  • Alt Lunge Step Backwards
  • Calf Raises
  • Upright row w/ shoulder shrug
  • Side Tri Raise
  • Hammer Curl
  • Lawn Mower
  • Merican Alternating Cross-Overs (plank walk to re-grip)
  • Russian Twist
  • Goblet Squat
  • Line Hops

COT – @BurVegas took us out with a great message that you don’t have to look far to find folks in need


  1. Strong work by the entire PAX! That last set does tend to up the cardio. YHC is sure this workout was much kinder than those horrific beat downs that mean @Gamma dude makes us do.
  2. Great effort (and internal drive for a 5:30 start) from @ThunderBolt. More teenagers could learn from his example.
  3. #TClaps to @SheepDog… not for trying to take on a new name in nameorama, but for the post workout run.
  4. @Cooter was on his game of zenful power
  5. @BurVegas  jumped right in and started throwing 45’s around… #BurStrong
  6. F3Dads – Hosted by Highlands (likely at Mallard Creek Park) on 8/27

Keep pushing – Clueless

2 thoughts on “Head to Toe and Repeato

  1. Cooter_MECA

    If I would have known that was the workout you were pulling out of the archives (console) I might have voted for Gamma to Q. Strong effort from the PAX this morning. Thanks for the push @Clueless!

  2. Gamma

    Great workout, @Clueless. The 5-rep round seems like it should be easier, but you’re already worn out and picking up the pace like we did makes it tough. Add in the humidity and I was toast.

    @Cooter – I’ll take that as a personal challenge for my next KB lead!

    Strong work by all.

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