2 Stoners Invade the Skywalk

2 Rolling Stoners took their prop show on the road to help spread the Stoner love to fellow MECA bros over at the Skywalker. Here it goes:

After about ten minutes of trying to safely secure a 32 foot ladder in a tree, YHC looks at his watch to realize it is 5:31. Run over to the Skywalk PAX and issue world’s shortest and least liable disclaimer in F3 history.

Gathered the Faithful Skywalker PAX, for some warmup before the Rolling Stone Prop Show:


SSH IC x20, IST IC x20, Cajun Cotton Pickers (Random Clap) IC x20, Wacky Jacks aka Hillbilly Joe’s aka Imperial Stretch Trooper IC x20

The Thizzle:

Time to utilize the lumber, ladder and bells we brought. Each Man would work himself through a station and then then the last station would be the human timer. Once last station done he rotates to the first station and everyone rotates through stations.

Station 1-3: Squaderkin (2 guys on the end of a piece of lumber squatting while another dude is doing decline merkins in repetition together.

Station 4: Rocky Balboa on curb

Station 5: Kettle Bell Chest Presses (35 lbs)

Station 6: Line Hops (Front to Back)

Station 7: Louie Zampirini Lunges (Inspired from the Movie “Unbroken”) Do Standing Lunges with Lumber above your head. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrBTDbxOZE8

Station 8: Alternating Arms Kettle Bell Swings (25 lb)

Station 9: Line Hops (Side to side)

Station 10: Burpees

Station 11: Ladder Rip, climb up to the top of the ladder, either by using hands only or hands and feet and then come down. (Human Timer)

Did this a total of 4 times


20 Reverse Lunges IC, 20 Pretzel Sticks IC each side, Airborne Mind bender, 20 Ws




Hope you guys at Skywalker enjoyed it. You were given one of RS Strongest(Sparknut) and one of RS Weakest(Hula). Together we tried to serve you guys a different kind of workout using some of the RS props. We really enjoy when you guys come over and hopefully we can continue to unify F3 MECA through our AOs and other neighboring AOs. This thing really is bigger than an individual or even an AO. We have strength in numbers. Lets continue to build.

Shoutout to Grinder for consistently keeping the thread of communication open between our two AOs and encouraging us to come over. Love you bro, hope to you see you at RS soon. #Tclaps to Tugboat, thanks for helping gather all of our props at the end and put them in the Clownvan. @Sparky, brother you are consistently crushing the workouts. You are a huge encouragement. To the rest of the Skywalker PAX, Man, you guys are strong!! It was nice to meet some of you for the first time. I hope we served you well this morning.

Let us never forget that we are not here for ourselves. Put God first and others second, and then you will truly find joy. Thanks again for allowing us to lead. Have a blessed weekend.

10 thoughts on “2 Stoners Invade the Skywalk

    1. Hula Post author

      Also, wanted to invite you guys to another Sparknut and Hula organized event. This sunday night at 5.

      You’re invited to Christ Family Fellowship: http://evite.me/VKZ6mfnfd5

      Help us celebrate the message of eternal hope.

  1. Schnitzel

    @Hula, spreading the love; looks familiar. I would have liked to join you, but some of us decided to get chewed up and spit out by @Milkbone at #BellBuster.

    1. Hula Post author

      Gotta admit 1) felt a little bit guilty about Qing Skywalker during our Beloved Bell Buster Workout 2) Almost spilled Merlot during the 2nd round, instantly thought about my missing yesterdays morning Ruck and how it was direct payback for that. Today hurt

  2. Sparknut

    More Tclaps to Tugboat! – As far as I know, he was the only SW pax to climb the ladder with hands only. Chime in if there was another.

    @Harding – I heard your comments about tweaking each beatdown to focus more on one muscle group (upper body, lower body, cardio, etc). I agree. For the next Ladder Rip we’ll incorporate curls and bent over rows to smoke the biceps and lats. And you’re officially invited to come Q what you’ve learned at RS.

    @All – Great AO, great pax. Thanks for having us. I look forward to seeing you again soon at either RS or SW.

    -Grace and Peace

  3. Sparky

    Hula & Sparknut, thanks for the creative and challenging workout. Next time you’ll have to bring a set-up crew. Hula, you’re not weak brother, very few can keep up with Sparknut! Maybe Skywalker can return the favor and spread some love at Stoner AO. Thanks again guys, I’ll be feeling this one all weekend!

  4. Grinder

    That was tough, thanks for bringing the pain! I think the best part of the workout was listening to the PAX speculate about what was going on while you guys were setting up. I think some chicken footers still think you were part of a tree trimming service.

    I’ll be over there to return the favor. I’m on a Q hiatus until BRR season is over. After that it’s game on!

  5. Tugboat

    @Hula & @Sparknut thanks for clowning it over with the Ladder-Van! Enjoyed the Beatdown and the creativity. The ladder made me feel like I was back in the wrestling room climbing ropes. 😉

    I will have to do some re-con over at R/S to come up with some ideas for a Q. Might involve a grappling hook! LOL

    Have a Blessed weekend Brothers!

  6. Hula Post author

    Man, those Pretzel Sticks seemed like the hardest they have ever been today. What in teh World? Goodnight!

  7. milkbone

    I must admit, you guys beatdown sounds awesome. Next time you pull out the props I’m there.

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