Trainin for de Orympix INDY style

7 PAX, 1 stadium, 200 million viewers.


1 mile run

To top of Lake Concord RD and back

COP at Brains R Us parking lot at top of hill

Deconstructed Burpees x 10 IC (10 AS IN CADENCE, 10 MERKS IC, 10 Stump jumpers IC)

Mosey back to AO upper lot

The Thang

Descending Ascending Bent Jacob’s Ladder

At TOP of parking area lots

20 Spiderman Merks
20 V ups
20 jump squats
20 Brazilians

Suicide x 2 at 50 yards down drive n back up then 105 yards down n back

Repeat with 15 reps plus suicides

Now 10
Now 5

Now go back up to 10 Etc etc etc

Time called after 25 min WOD


In/outs with low flutter and hello dollies

Cobra and Down Dog to PLANK

Plank with leg raises

Childs Pose




Great work today by all.  Welcome to newest member of CONCORD F3 Hector.  Trick and Phiddipides ruled the day getting all the way back up to 20 on the ascent.  Lots of moaning but oddly no Backdraft. NO CHATTER.   Missing EL AL and CATFISH. Run FRIDAY AM 0530 for peeps needing miles for BRR.  BIG BEAT DOWN PLANNED BY PTO THIS SATURDAY SO DON”T MISS IT BRA.  Stay cools and keep Phidipides MNL in prayers in hospital in Ohio.