5 strong men got out of bed early this morning to get a little faster and stronger.  YHC had some ideas to mix exercises and suicides.  I got to Boondocks to set up my orange cones then realized it was 5:31 better get back to the launch point….  The workout went like this.

Warm Up

  • Run to end of spookey road
  • SSH (ic) X 15
  • Windmills (ic) X 15
  • High Knees oyo X10 each leg
  • Arm Circles – Small, Large both directions
  • Run to the track parking lot

The Thang           X10 X9 X8 X7 X6

  1. Abyss Merkins
  2. Decline Merkins
  3. Dips
  4. Squats
  5. Lunges (L)/(R)
  6. Suicides


  1. WWII OYO X 5
  2. Ball
  3. Corpse – squeeze belly button to the ground – hold for 20 seconds


  • Thanks for the opportunity to lead, it is always an honor.
  • Strong work by the PAX
  • #KeepPounding

1 thought on “BBeatdown

  1. Deuce

    Thanks for coming out to lead us again, Sid Vicious! It was a vicious beatdown, simple in its implementation, yet thoroughly effective.

    Welcome Princess Peach! Glad you finally came out. See you Saturday for some more fun.

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