We Cruise by Faith, Not by Sight

10 of The Faithful gathered this morning for a 40-minute, 5-pt suicide run.
The Thang: Start at the Greenway map at the top of the Hill of Shadows, run to 1st bridge and back, run to 2nd bridge and back, run to 3rd bridge and back, run to 2nd bridge and back, run to 1st bridge and back. Find the six and finish together. 4.5 miles on paper.

YHC should have given a legitimate disclaimer this morning. HOS was wicked dark without a headlamp. There were moments I couldn’t tell which way was up.
Good to have my pace buddies Shebear and Man Down back out in action this week.
Team Bacon was lean this morning…poor Dingo kept running slower and slower, hoping that they had just shown up late and were somewhere behind
Jumanji. Landlord. Brutus. Durden. Killed it.
Pleasure had previously only ran 3 consecutive miles at once. Weird. Dude should be on a BRR team.
Dingo easily convinced me to never run a Spartan race. Sounds like a 3rd world country wasteland.
Landlord gave an honest try to grab the HOS #strava crown today, but couldn’t quite get there. Somebody needs to grab Jelly’s (questionable) crown…


3 thoughts on “We Cruise by Faith, Not by Sight

  1. Dingo

    Slow moving for me today, legs felt like lead. Probably needed some more rest after Saturday’s expedition.

    Strong work by all this morning! #BRRSTRONG

  2. Durden

    Great route tmix! Very creative and very dark.. I probably need to invest in a head lamp pretty soon! Felt like I was running a decent pace until Brutus emerged from the darkness and passed me by a mile. Last few laps up the hill of shadows burned real bad, but its going to make is stronger!!!

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