Iron Fist Bacon Style

No writing prowess here like Dingo or Rib Shack and many others, after all English is my second language. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do until last night when I reach out to Team Bacon for suggestions. And they didn’t let me down…great ideas for an Iron Fist Bacon style beat down. YHC pulled in early this morning around 5:15 (I’m never early to beat downs, who does that?) and F3 brother Rib Shack was there to support and provide encouragement for today’s beat down. About 5:28 am, 6 other brothers brave the fartsack for another beat down.

YHC started a bit shaky with the cadence count but that was not a problem with this group. We got into a rhythm and it when something like this:

Disclaimer: Nothing Else to add here….OYO…Mumble Chatter…next thing


Quick Mosey to back parking lot:


Cotton Picker X15IC


5 Burpees

15 Squats

Round 1

  1. 20 x tire flips
  2. 20 x chest press – cinderblock
  3. 20 x shoulder press – cinderblock
  4. 20 x lateral raises – red bricks
  5. repeato

Round 2

  1. 20 x tire flips
  2. 20 x curls – cinderblocks and red bricks
  3. Indian Run

Round 3

  1. Lopsided merkins – tires
  2. Incline merkins
  3. Decline merkins
  4. Hold Cinder Block up high walk to island, quad aphelia back, sprint back get Cinderblock
  5. Forward Lunges with Cinder Block from Island A to Island B
  6. Backward Lunges with Cinder Block from Island A to Island B
  7. Pull overs – cinderblocks
  8. Skull Crushers – cinderblocks
  9. Frontal raises – red bricks
  10. Lateral raises – red bricks
  11. repeato

Round 4

  1. Dips on Tires and Cinderblocks
  2. Flip tires back to original location
  3. Mosey back to front parking lot for Mary


  1. Arm Circles forward/back
  2. Stretch Quads hold for 10 count
  3. LBC x 15
  4. AMB x 10


Thanks for coming out TCLAPS. It was an honor to lead this group and great push by everyone.

@Team Bacon- thanks for your support each and for sharpening me every day.

@Dingo – Thanks for the tire flipping workout routine

@Dutch – Thanks for closing prayers

5 thoughts on “Iron Fist Bacon Style

  1. Dingo

    Looks like a good one Pongo! Sorry I couldn’t be there. But at least you had you bacon teammates for company 😉

  2. King Louie

    Good Q, bacon inspiration for building up the shoulders, arms, and back (hides the bacon-y gut?)

    1. Dutch

      Nice one pongo. Way to power thru the warm ups – I remember my early days of cadence. You had it easy today … No dingo to bust your huevos.

      See you Friday #futuremasterQ

  3. Maximus_MECA

    @pongo – great job – I think I said this q had more various exercises than any beatdown I recall in two years. That was impressive and you were prepared! Glad you volunteered and went through with it. Thank you – it was a fun workout!

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