Landlord’s Virgin Q Cruise

7 PAX showed up for a nice humid 7.9+ mile Saturday stroll.  YHC really wanted to do a UNCC tour, but Farm insists Saturdays are flat.  Where was he, anyway? The route received the necessary approval the day before from route-master-in-charge Dingo.  Major Pain informed us that he had already got all the “Pokeman” on our route and so off we went.

We headed out from Mallard Creek Elementary School to Mallard Creek Church.  Take a right, then right on David Taylor.  YHC tried to get myself and Durden some extra mileage in by passing David Taylor, but fortunately the rest of the group was not far behind and corrected the error of my ways.

Down to the Greenway and back to the school.  But because Dingo bragged about his Hill of Shadows time, we took that segment at full speed.  Nice work Men.  Dingo: Check Strava.  A nice 4.7+ miles for all.

R2D2 stopped at this point so that he would be ready for his new children.  Man Down took 20 steps down the next part of our route, then must’ve found a Pokemon that Major Pain missed, because he turned back.

5 faithful PAX continued for another 5K: left on Mallard Creek, right on Galloway, right on Fountaingrove, right on Mallard Creek Church (where PAX could again be violated by the sprinklers), left on Mallard Creek, back to the school.

Finally, all 5 faithful enjoyed some 2nd F at Dunkin Donuts.  Thanks Men!

Note: I heard Man Down is offering free hernia checks to any Tradition BRR PAX interested.  emoji emoji

4 thoughts on “Landlord’s Virgin Q Cruise

  1. Trail Mix

    Nice job, Lardlord, you’re a natural! Cadence counting was on point, watched for the six, thorough disclaimer… Great VQ 🙂
    Tough 8 miles for me… Legs were tired but thanks to y’all I got it in.

  2. Dingo

    I see you got me on Strava Landlord……but you are still not “King Of The Hill”! Beating an old, fat dingo really won’t get you far in life 😉

  3. Man Down

    I only WISH I had been turning back to catch Pokemon! I felt tired but fine otherwise after the first 5 miles, but after stopping and then restarting for the next 3 miles, my testicles demanded that I ease up. Gotta listen to da boys!
    Landlord, you need to change your profile picture on this site. “F3” is too generic. Here’s a suggestion –

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