Hello Sandbags, My Old Friends….

A perfect Saturday morning brought out some regular faces, some new faces, some old faces and…well, some ugly faces (you know who you are…if you don’t, you probably also got a participation trophy at some point in your childhood).

After the Bull Runners came in, took an inventory of which ones were staying and which ones were not. Segundo had a good excuse as he’s running Spartan Super today. We suspect the other was Qing over at Burn. We’ll call him C-Bone to protect his identity.

13….then 14 (Hi Tumbler) survived thrived through a workout that went a little something like this:

Warmup mosey down the trail, past the sod field down to the pond.
#disclaimer and a few instructions for the FNG until Hootie tells me he’s already tired of hearing me talk. Pot/kettle jokes aside, we moved on.
SSH x10
Windmills x10
Air Squats x10
Mericans x10
LBCs x15

Up HeartRate Hill to the shelter
Quick audible….5 Burpee Box Jumps every minute on the minute, for 10 minutes

Mosey to YHC’s truck, grab a sandbag.
Indian Walk with Sandbags overhead, guy in back runs to the front with the bag on his shoulder.

Down the 3-level hill and partner up.
P1 does a sandbag exercise, while P2 runs up the hill, does 10 Dips, runs back down and switches with P1. Continue until you finish a total of:
100 Squats
200 Curls
300 Chest Presses

Return sandbags to their final resting place, the mosey around the track to the not-finished-until-the-man-gives-final-approval exercise station:
3 sets of 10 Pull-Ups and 10 LBCs; plank until all are done

Mosey down the trail, back up HeartRate Hill out to the turnaround

LBCs x25
Low Flutters x30
Pickle Pounders x20 (courtesy of Drumstick)
J-Lo x15 (last time I call on Bull right after Pickle Pounders)

COT (thanks to Hootie for taking us out)

1. A few heard this story, but Tumbler and I rebagged all the sandbags last night (over a few beers of course) and decided if no one signs up to Q by the time we’re done, we’re using the sandbags for the first time in quite a while. 8:15pm, still no Q. Boom. Bull says he checked shortly after that and would’ve Q’d….and that may have been worse. You’re welcome.

2. Huge welcome to FNG Aaron (now Blart). Like many of us, said this is exactly what he needed. Great to have you with us!

3. Welcome and tclaps to Drumstick, visiting from F3Summerville with the family. Glad you got the hall pass….a day of screaming kids at an indoor water park is just the rest you’ll need today! Thanks for the tips as well – love the idea of adding the Pledge of Allegiance at the end. Best part about meeting guys from other regions is hearing about things we do differently amidst the many things we do the same.

4. They’ve been away for various reasons, but great to see Paris, Hootie, BBQ and Wildcat back out there. Tclaps to Wildcat for finishing his program up in Raleigh. Said he was going to go home, wake up the kids and throw up. Hopefully he didn’t wake up the kids by throwing up on them….

5. Othello – if you’re reading this, tell the boys nice job on the exercise station. Unfortunately, with the temporary fence still up the first time we used it, it will now forever be known as the Prison Yard. Hat tip to Dick Tracy.

6. Small group at coffeeteria today. Guess guys were trying to get home in time to see Zamunda march in to the Olympic stadium. (hat tip to Gapper for that one).

7. Sooooo, when should one start training for BRR? Just curious….

8. Sound off below with anything I missed.

Pax tibi,

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