The Chickenfoot Tetrad

16 pax left behind dreams of soft, succulent chicken thighs when their alarms woke them and they began steeling themselves for the beating that those wizened and gnarly Chickenfoot toes would be dishing out.

The Thang:

  1. Meet at Skybrook clubhouse, do the new warmup reverse loop, and then head for the Chickenfoot.
  2. Guys had gone out early today and people netted 3, 4, and 5 laps resulting in 800, 1100, and an astonishing 1400 feet of climb?!?!  Can that be right?

The Naked Moleskin:

  1. Filibuster who may need to start being referred to as “he that comes up with really bad ideas” shot out a GroupMe last night to the BRR team that said “Call me a cattle farmer cause I am raising the steaks to 4 rounds of the Chickenfoot.”  Thus was born the Chickenfoot Tetrad.
  2. Frodo happened to be out there today as well and he went out solo to get some extra laps as well.  He ended up with 5.
  3. Today’s numbers would have been one more had a slumbering Pavarotti not slept through his alarm while his #clowncar ride sat outside his house….  Maybe it was your body protecting itself knowing the suffering that Morrow Mountain will bring tomorrow morning?  And then there is that organized mosey referred to as “The Bonesaw of the North” coming up on Monday morning…
  4. We welcomed a number of Chickenfoot FNG’s today.  Avalanche, Sundial, and Flip Phone.  We now have feedback from two different sets of runners who have done Senator Royall, Devil’s Pitchfork, and Chickenfoot and the answer to the question of “which is the hardest” is unanimous…..Chickenfoot dishes out the most severe pain of all of them.
  5. Nighthawk was on a mission today.  A mission to claim the #2 spot on the leaderboard for the Chickenfoot Triple.  Mission accomplished.  Frodo was bumped down by 11 seconds.  Not sure anyone will ever beat Foul Ball’s time.
  6. Since we had guys that started at four different times it was like running through Times Square today.  People with blinky lights were everywhere.  Just when you thought you were reeling someone in, they turned down a toe and you kept going straight.  During one of these passby’s a guy who looked just like @Stoli told YHC to make sure he made the pax list.  This guy couldn’t have been @Stoli b/c he was an obvious weight room dwelling meathead with a tiny head and huge arms.
  7. Hey @Grinder – I need a ruling on the correct route for the third toe.  Is the turn around at the 150 yard plaque in the middle of the cart path?  I noticed not everyone turns there….gasp!  drama!  scandal!
  8. Pretty sure I heard someone give one enthusiastic dry heave this morning at the stop sign while we were waiting for everyone to finish – didn’t see who the over zealous runner was – but my hat goes off to you – it aint easy to take the body that far into the red zone.  Takes some serious 8-balls.
  9. YHC participated in an interesting conversation post-COT where we discussed preferences of running in shorts with underwear or just in the mesh liners that most running shorts have.  YHC is a big fan of the fancy running shorts and the liners but my apparently well hung friend J-lo gave it a thumbs down referencing something about “bouncing junk.”  To each his own I suppose.
  10. The rain began to fall, the clock struck 6:51, and the pax dispersed to those pesky jobs.  Make today a good one men.

7 thoughts on “The Chickenfoot Tetrad

  1. The Nanny Post author

    Another great BRR focused training event. Makes me think back to something mentioned in the BRR PB this year on Jan 7th:

    “If you say yes, you will get to know a cohort of brothers in a deep way and your running will attain a level of performance you have never seen before. If you say no, your year will be a dull shadow of what it could have been. Just the honest truth.”

    Morning’s like today are a great reminder of why CSAUP events RULE!! The BRR is a fantastic 24 hr (or maybe 30….) event but the training is the best part of the trip. Glad to be doing it alongside all you #HIM.

  2. The Nanny Post author

    Oh…and reminder that we are doing a running oriented convergence event on Monday morning with NoCo/Isotope. Launch from Blythe Elementary @ 5:15 for “The Bonesaw of the North.” Going to be a big group out there…. Strava segment here:

  3. Grinder

    The official Chicken Foot rule book states that the end of the third toe is at the top of the hill which is conveniently marked with a 150 yard plaque.

  4. SunDial

    That was refreshingly miserable. Thanks for the pain, and the lengthy Moleskin…lots of content and laughs…are they typically this packed? We tend to me brief over in the ‘Burg…but I like it!

  5. Google

    Hey.. I had a really bad dream that I got up this AM and tried an unsuccessful clowncar launch from Highlands with @Pavarotti. Then tried to unsuccessfully catch @nanny on the triple toe. It was very realistic.. for a moment I thought it really did happen! But then I checked the backblast and noticed I was not included in the PAX. PHEW! Thought I was going crazy there for a second.

    1. The Nanny Post author

      Nice. I am looking at the pax list right now and see your name. It’s not like I just added it or anything.

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