“Static Stretch after Beatdown” per Cardiac – FYI – it works!

YHC had had a busy week, missed a few beatdowns dealing with a  leaking pipe and a late night plumber fix.  And now come Thursday night realized I need to prep to Q on Friday.  All in order by Thursday night.  Got good sleep.  All set –  but as of 5:10 getting ready to leave – YHC could not find his wallet  “where the ____  is my wallet.”   Do I stop looking and worry about it later – no I look – can’t find it.  Life is bad!  At 5:20 I find it!  Life is good!  Get to Tradition at 5:29 – ready to Q. Good group is there.  Life is very good!  Aah – one thing I can rely on… F3!

Below is the beatdown…  Mosey to lower parking lot.  10 SSH’s.  10 plank jacks.  Surprise – go to curb.  Do 10 power planks.  Mosey to Picnic area.  20 dips.  10 step ups each leg.  Mosey to top parking lot.  Work lower body.  10 Sumo squats,  back lunges each leg, squat and press, goblet squats.  Repeato at 15 reps.  On backs – 10 then 15 chest press – butts off ground, lat pulls, Skull crushers.  Recover.  15 then 20 lawn mower pulls, curls, dutch cucumbers, clean and presses and kettlebell swings.  Mix in a few more curls, shoulder presses and arm extensions and front lunges.    YHC was beat throughout workout and needed a few 10 counts to keep going.  Mary..  Vups with Bells, LBC’s and pretzel sticks.  Then @Cardiac led us through static stretching and its’ importance.  Stretch hamstring, reaching for toes one leg at a time while sitting.  Also putting both feet together.  Muscles get short when you run.  When they are warm after a workout is the time to stretch them.  Very well stated @cardiac.   YHC has been at F3 a while but continues to learn.  Static stretch after exercise – hamstrings which frequently bother me feel much better today after two @Cardiac stretch routines this week.  Thank you@cardiac! Life is very, very good!

Great work men and thank you for participating!

Q school tuesday!

7 thoughts on ““Static Stretch after Beatdown” per Cardiac – FYI – it works!

  1. King Louie

    Good beatdown Maximus. That warmup and the lunges were getting a bit worrisome since I put on my crappy shoes w/o thinking about it. Felt like they were going to come off the whole time!

    We got to live a day in the life of Maximus. Warm up, lift bells, go back to sleep, get up, mow the lawn, do some other stuff, mow the law again, lift more bells, then Mary and stretching with Cardiac.

  2. cardiac

    Great beatdown Maximus. I have three thoughts – just three.

    I thought I had a great workout today and was quite proud of my prowess because I was feeling warm all day. Come to find out, my partner walked into my office and stated “What’s wrong with your AC?” LOL.

    I have Stopper mowing the lawns nowadays. So, I couldn’t remember how to start a mower or is it because I crushed my skull doing Skull Crushers…

    I find it interesting that I finally Q a PAX and immediately the following week, Q school is initiated. Hummm.

  3. Maximus_MECA Post author

    @King Louie so you wore your “crappy” shoes – not expecting you would need mobility at my workout. Interesting. I suggest you be better prepared next time!

    BTW – crappy shoes is better than how I felt when R2Dr put us in that upside down contraption – then I felt a different kind of crappy! And he thinks he will sell that thing on Craig’s list?

    1. King Louie

      Nah, I was just too tired to think about the shows I got!

      Also R2 did sell it! In his post I think he said someone spoke for it. I think it was an F3 person at least…… He BOUGHT it from Craigslist 😉

  4. Maximus_MECA Post author

    @cardiac – aka Mr. “Static Stretch”. I have found once you get into F3 a lot of people will wonder what is wrong with you. But it is really their problem (jealousy. The only remedy I know of is to eh (emotional headlock) them to a beatdown (invite them).

    1. King Louie

      Yes @Maximus, he can bring his coworker along and try to make the man spill merlot. I had a friend do that (came to the beatdown chowdown). He hasn’t come since – claims it is because it is too early.

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