No one is safe from the shakeweight…

A group of nine (including two 2.0s) gathered to get stronger. We had iron kettlebells. We had a sand-filled plastic kettlebell. We had dumbbells. But it was that dang shakeweight that instilled the most fear….and some giggling.

Warm up
SSH x10
Mericans x10

The Thang
20 Single-Arm KB Presses
20 KB Pullovers
20 KB Outhouse Curls
20 KB Lawnmowers
20 KB Triceps Extensions
Sprint to the next island
20 Mericans
Sprint back to the weights
Repeat with 18, 16, 14….2

LBCs x20
Low Flutters x25


1. Any 14 and 11 year old that asks to get up at 0500 during summer vacation to do a kettlebell workout definitely earned the trip to Rocky River Coffee afterwards. Even moreso after almost falling for Tumbler’s “here, why don’t you use this one?” Poor kid almost got renamed “Shakeweight” but was saved just in time by the pax shouting “nooooo, don’t do it!”

2. No Clueless, didn’t feel guilty one bit. Everyone got exactly what they paid for.

3. Nice EH attempt by Sheep Dog of the Parks&Recs worker, but that guy’s been avoiding us like the plague for years.

4. Sid Vicious, thanks for taking us out…..but really, it’s ok to park by us.

5. I think Cooter is on to something, even if it’s work-schedule induced: hit only Warrior One and Harrisburg Iron every week, which adds up to little, if any, running. Well played, sir. Well played.

6. Waiting to see who moves to the 50# KB first, TBone or Clueless. #strong

7. Moonshine and Minion, proud of you boys!

Pax tibi,

5 thoughts on “No one is safe from the shakeweight…

  1. Gamma Post author

    Thanks for coming out. Still my favorite workout of the week and am always inspired by this group to work harder.

  2. TBone

    Solid, pain-inducing, lead this morning Gamma. I think everyone was feeling it. I know I was saying over and over in my head, “maybe some lighter weight kettlebells should be on the to-do list”. Followed by “why is Gamma so mad at us today???”. Seriously though, that was a tough, but welcome challenge. Good to see @Moonshine and @Minion out in the gloom! Keep coming back boys!

  3. Cooter_MECA

    Nice lead @Gamma! I am definitely feeling it this afternoon and I did not do 20 mericans on every trip down like @Clueless (strong). I always look forward to my two strategic showings weekly. Thanks for pushing us.

  4. Sid Vicious

    @Gamma nice lead enjoyed the workout. I just realized I missed the last KB Tricep Extensions but @Clueless covered me with his extra merkins. Sorry about Parking near Lake Norman my son’s bike handle bar put a scratch/dent on my truck recently. I had just had my truck repaired after my M backed into the front quarter panel. I am still a little jumpy…

  5. Clueless

    Definitely a solid workout there @Gamma! Great to see the 2.0’s hammering through it too! #ProudPapa

    @Tumbler takes things a little too literal… #OuthouseCurls (can be done in the parking lot)… #LiftThoseGirls (can be done outside of major sporting events)… #BridgeIsComplete (you didn’t seriously think that thing would be ready?!?)

    3rd time’s a charm… next time I’ll get the Merican counts right. Enjoyed it fellas!

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