It was a swinging day at #BellBusters

7 men joined in the gloom to flex their muscles and get the guns and pecks ready for the weekend pool festivities.

No Disclaimer

Warm-up lap down and back

Seal Claps
Cotton Picker

Grab your Bell and get to work

Exercise 1
20 Swings
10 Merkins
20 Swings
9 Merkins
20 Swings
8 Merkins
20 Swings
7 Merkins
20 Swings
6 Merkins
20 Swings
5 Merkins
20 Swings
4 Merkins
20 Swings
3 Merkins
20 Swings
2 Merkins
20 Swings
1 Merkins

Exercise 2
15 Chest Press
10 Goblet Squats
5 Push Press (each arm)
10 Sets Total

Exercise 3
20 Single Arm swing switch
10 Stabilizer Merkins on KB
5 Sets Total

Exercise 4
Overhead carry right arm
20 Flutter with bell in air
Overhead carry left arm
Squat with Overhead Press
Overhead carry right arm
Overhead carry left arm

LBC with KB x20
Low Dolly with KB x20
Stablized Low Flutter x10 Left leg and then Right leg
Stablized Low Dolly x10 Left leg and then right leg

– Thanks men for joining be this morning. Though I enjoy seeing your faces, I think you guys need to do a little EHing for #BustedBells not unless you are telling me that all other men are running BRR???
– We got plenty reps in of Swings and Merkins in today, your welcome
– T-claps to @SparkNut and @MilkBone this morning for Grinding through each of the exercises. You guys were ahead each time.
– Enjoy the weekend men, those hips and lower back are going to look good at the pool.

8 thoughts on “It was a swinging day at #BellBusters

  1. Hula

    That was Brutal. Great work Colonel! I definitely modified those sets to stay on pace. You guys inspire me.

    Sorry about the literal #backblast I was posting diring the workout. Too much Haagen Daas last night.

    Enjoy your weekend. See yall in the gloom soon

  2. Sparknut

    So I was thinking surely we’re not going to actually do 200 kettle bell swings! Uh, I guess we are. But we’re not going to do 100 more… That was another fine example of a work out I would never do on my own. Thanks for the push Colenel!

    I agree on the EHing. We’ve got a good core group to build on. Let’s go find some sadclowns.

  3. Marie Calendar

    Thanks for the Q, C Mustard. With workouts like that that the body either has to adapt and get stronger or wither and die. I am watching intently to see which happens to me. HA.

    Will probably miss most posts next week so everyone do an extra set for me.

    Until next time.

  4. milkbone

    Nice Q c.mustard. I don’t know about yall but my lower back is already getting sore. We don’t get enough back exercises in so good to see it. FYI, kettle swings are in my bag of tricks now. Now if you will excuse me i need to stretch my back so I can walk to the bathroom.

    Milkbone out

  5. Schnitzel

    @General Mustard – that was killer bells. Great Q.
    @Hula, as per Haagen Daaz #JustSayNo.

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