Fun at the House

YHC decided to figure something out so I could see other parts of this AO and take the PAX along for the ride.  At first I thought this might be a solo tour but around 0528 the PAX starting showing up so off we went.


Mosey to the bus lot





SSH x 15

Cotton Pickers x 15


Mosey around the back of the school to the sand volleyball court and partner up

Fun with tires(3 rounds)

P1 would flip the tire back and forth while P2 ran to the building and did a 30 count People’s Chair.  P2 would run back to the tire and then both would do 10 step-ups on the tire.  P2 would stay and flip the tire while P1 ran to the building and did a 30 count People’s Chair.


Mosey to the baseball field

Fun with logs(3 rounds)

10 burpees behind the back stop and then run to the railroad ties and do 10 presses lifting only one end of the tie.  Run back to the back stop and repeato.


Mosey to the hill

Fun with hills(10-1 ladder)

W’s at the bottom and squats at the top.


Mosey to the courtyard

Just plain ol’fun(5 minutes OYO)

Merkin jump-ups


Mosey to Mary

LBC’s x 15(very slow)


Count off and Name-o-rama



–Prayers for Sourdough’s mother-in-law and Big Blue’s co-worker

–F3 Dads August 27th at the Highlands



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  1. Kojak Post author

    Great push by all!!!! We did a lot of moseying but the PAX stayed together as we moved around this AO. I’d heard that there were tires here so I had to figure those into the plan somehow.

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